Cannabis innuendo in Scooby Doo

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  1. Anyone notice that there's a lot of weed innuendo in Scooby Doo.
    1.) Scooby Doo often says "Scooby dooby do", as we all know a doobie is a term for a joint.
    2.) He's a talking dog who fights crime, the writers were obviously high.
    3.) The mystery mobile (the car of the main characters) has many flowers and a overall "hippie" theme, with hippies being synonymous with marijuana usage.
    4.) shaggy and scoobie fit most stoner stereotypes
    5.) scoobie and shaggy eat a ton of food (munchies) typical of a marijuana user.
    6.) Everyone I smoke with watched this show as a kid, along with other people I know that use to smoke.
    7.) aww... I forgot.
  2. I bet they are some big ass stoners

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