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Cannabis induced migraines

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by chris35, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. True, but the actual cause of the muscle fibers changing could be due to the removal of interstitial fluids.

    Like I mentioned above, when I do the entire body kriya I get cramps, spasms, and knots, that are instantly relieved when the lymph is addressed. I'm not saying you're wrong, just throwing out different ideas. I know health issues can be touchy . . . .

    This is better, IMO, but is further down the 'alternative' medicine path. Not sure your comfort level. . . .

    [ame=]Kriya for the Lymphatic System with Sat Dharam Kaur N.D. - YouTube[/ame]

    Like I said, I've only been doing this for a week, but I'm convinced so far.
  2. No problems. Honestly it doesn't matter why it improves, as long as it gets better I'll be content.
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    Very interesting Izzy. THANK YOU!

    I have trouble moving lymph up from my lower extremity due to an old set of injuries in one of my legs.

    If we are working against tension & stress then Shavasana is an important Yoga practice to master. Shavasana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It is my Swiss Army Knife for sinus headaches, back pain and a few other things. There is a Tai Chi version of the practice that brings the meditation into active life. For beginners I suggest starting with Shavasana to learn to control muscles you do not yet consciously control epically finding and learning to control the Maxillofacial Sinuses. I can see where the lymph node drainage could really help the sinus drainage by reducing internal swelling. Something I never had a good handle on.
  4. The shavasana is interesting. I kind of do that when meditating, and used to similar to help myself sleep.

    Time to look into it deeper. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Before I got my C-pap I used it instead of sleep for weeks at a time. I do most of my own spinal adjustment from what learning that relaxation has done for muscle control of my back. My wife rubs the medicine on my back then if I can I release the herniated disc between C-5 & 6 with a Cat Stretch and allow it to slide forward towards my ribs and release the death grip it has on the nerve out to my arm. Arched back where T and L spine meet does the same there. If not I tell my wife where and when to push, relax and let her put it away. These are the places the ointment doesn't help until things move correctly. From there I work my way down my L spine twitching one muscle at a time leaving the others relaxed until the line is strait same with the rest of my neck. The better able I am to leave all muscles relaxed except the one doing the twitch the better the outcome.

    Sacral is toughest. On my back I bring one heal to my bottom, the other knee up to my chest. I then extend the leg away from my chest slowly and wait for the click as the bone moves a little when my heal is about an inch above what I'm laying on.

    Qigong study incl Tai Chi reveal ways to stretch and move standing up, walking around etc... the keys to the kingdom being the ability to relax standing up as much as possible. Handy when you still have to work with life long back trouble.

    It is what we do to struggle against our infirmities rather than succumbing to them that defines us.
  6. I get these sometimes. The way i get around it is one smoke more, you get the headache from losing your high. For second you can take a nap before the head ache occurs. Lastly take some excedrin or drink something with a lot of caffeine.
  7. :eek:
    some of us are here because we are not supposed to take stuff like excedrin and aspirin and the rest of that stuff. My Dr is afraid I've taken most of my life time dose and am going to kill my self with it (some thing long winded about the need for healthy kidneys) if I keep taking that stuff. That or a great bleeding ulcer.

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