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Cannabis induced migraines

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by chris35, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I hope someone can help with this...

    I use mmj for arthritis but have stopped recently due to my inability to handle the migraines that it can induce in me. They start with a tightening in my upper back and neck, and slowly migrate up to the front of my head.

    It seems like it is caused through tensed muscles and the pain is excruciating. I rarely have migraines unless I use mmj and have never used any medication for them because they were so rare prior to my use of mmj.

    I've stopped using mmj a few times due to this but want to keep using to help with my arthritis... I use a computer for a living and the arthritis in my hands is quite debilitating without either mmj or a ton of ibuprofen.

    Any feedback or tips would be great.

    It isn't due to unflushed mmj, as I purchase from a dispensary that tests their product. I have also experienced it from multiple sources.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Do you pick any of the stems out when breaking apart your buds? If so, pick them out. Stems in your bowls and joints and cause a lot of coughing and sometimes some pretty bad headaches.
  3. Indeed I do. Even hash and kief have caused them.
  4. Maybe your brain wiring sends signals to the nerves to cause pain instead of pleasure? Do you still feel the effects as well as the migraine?
  5. Yes it definitely has what I assume are the normal effects.

    And before I get the granny storm crow diet includes a lot of omega 3 from hemp/coconut/ grass-fed beef. :)
  6. I wonder of it just might be the mmj heightening my anxiety...

    I haven't used mmj for a while now. No headaches but plenty of arthritis.
  7. you might have an allergy to it. Dehydration can cause headaches as well. The best advice I can give is to try smoking it in different environment, or seek help from a physician.
  8. Do you use any other drugs for your pain? Opiates can cause migraines.
  9. So Omega-3 is the first place my head went too.... So have you tried a topical or other form of administration yet. I've got to tell you I get more pain relief from less medicine through topical application than any other way.
  10. No other pain killers.

    I've tried topicals and they definitely help. I might have to switch to those. Just need to either learn to make them or find a decent source. The place I went that had them closed down.
  11. Here is my recipe, there are lots more out there.
  12. I've actually read that blog post before. :)

    So basically you make a potent cannabis oil and blend with an off the shelf lotion? With additional ingredients as desired?

    I tried that once with an oil I made from trim and didn't get much effect. I might have to try again with higher quality oil.
  13. Hash Oil aka Rick Simpson Oil is my medicine source. Whether the hash oil is made from leaf or bud makes no difference. Trim boiled with salad oil wont work very well if your planing on cutting it in something else.

    It might be a concentration issue, use more hash oil or less carrier or a carrier issue, but yah versions of that are what we all make.

    Tincture of hemp in alcohol works too but it makes my skin feel sticky.
  14. Salad

    It was made using the bad kitty smiles method with high proof alcohol and coconut oil. I did a test batch with trim just to get the method down with something cheaper.
  15. 98% of the medicine I've used for the last year and a half has been cheep trim. If your boiling leaf under coconut oil in a water bath use the coconut oil strait up don't cut it in body lotion.
  16. Been making pot cakes (Tincture of hemp, The pot cakes are the part I compost.) all evening and my hands are great right now.
  17. #17 Izzy Mandelbaum, Jan 4, 2013
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    This is completely anecdotal, currently non-proven with today's science to my knowledge, and purely my experience, but your symptoms sound similar to something I experience sometimes. I may sound crazy, but. . . .

    It is my opinion that in my body, eaten cannabis gets my lymph flowing. Not sure what you know of lymph, but one duty of it is essentially "the internal sewer system" of our bodies. It removes crap, toxins, pathogens, 'programs' white blood cells, etc. . . . I can go into a lot of my history, but yada, yada, yada. If you study into the lymphatic system, it drains from the head into the shoulders. In my body, when I experience things like you are describing, I now think of my lymphatic system. It only flows in one direction, towards the collar bones. If your lymph is 'loosening' or flowing more easily, it will start in the shoulders, then progressively move further up your neck, into your head.
    There is also a newly discovered Glymphatic system, which is located entirely within the CNS and the brain. The glymphatic system is essentially a lymphatic system devoted to your brain, stem, and spinal cord. I believe this drains, in part, from the brain at the back of the skull, where the neck vertebrae meets the skull. This system is very newly discovered, I think last August (5 months ago) if I remember correctly, so not much is known about it yet.

    How long did you take mmj, before experiencing these headaches?

    I posted this in another thread, but since this is also due to it, I will re-post.
    I encourage you to study into the lymphatic system, glymphatic system, and how it works. I have been doing self-lymph drainage massages and also yoga kriyas devoted to lymph cleansing. I have only been doing this for about a week, but for that week I have had a splitting headache, really bad in my neck.
    BUT, this is a good thing in the long run, since it essentially means my brain is taking out the trash, IMO. Since doing these exercises for a week, I have pains, aches, and muscles cramps that I can blame entirely on lymph. When my arm hurts for example, I will rub it in the direction towards my heart and the pain goes away. I am just 'cleaning out' still and am now starting to feel much better again.
    Sometimes when I eat or vape cannabis, I will get a similar headache, but I think it is just due to my lymph flowing more easily.

    If you want, I'll post the video again, but I did it in the other thread and don't want to spam, but let me know. . . .

    Try it, I don't think I'm crazy. Some do, though.
  18. Sounds similar to what I experience as gar as symptoms.

    Do you by any chance get muscle knotting when this happens? I will often get crazy amount of muscle knots at the regular myofascial trigger point, which is one reason I think it may have to do with anxiety. I've actually always had that tension from weed...even back when I only smoked on occasion during college.

    Sure post a link. I won't consider it spamming.
  19. #19 Izzy Mandelbaum, Jan 4, 2013
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    Yes, I do. I used to think it was muscles, or 'knots' or something, but now I believe it is just lymph doing something, flowing, moving, trying to get out, something. . . My neck has been killing me the last 3 days. It is better today, but sometimes gets a bit worse after vaping. I think the medicine is just getting into my system. Once it starts to ache, I just rub my neck down towards my shoulders and it instantly feels better, usually ;)

    Here is a video list for basic self-massage. It starts at the head, then moves down the body. (it's a playlist, so you may have to open it in a new window, to get the other videos...)

    [ame=]Self Lymph Drainage Massage by in Louisville, KY - YouTube[/ame]

    I would focus on the back of the neck, where the skull meets the spine.

    EDIT: IMO, a lot of the myofascial trigger points are just lymph nodes, and "backed-up" lymph/interstitial fluids in bodily tissues.
  20. I'll check it out, and it is definitely interesting. Massage therapy is a big interest of mine right now. :)

    I am pretty certain they are actual tightened knots of muscle. You can feel the fibers loosen when massaging and there is pretty good research on what they look like when sampled. I get tightened knots in my fore arms that feel the same and I know that is muscle.

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