Cannabis induced insights

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by TokeItUp777., Jul 3, 2019.

  1. This is a place for stoners too post all their bright idea's while their stoned and trip out over others.
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  2. I once realized were under a sea and it's called "air" while stoned.
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  3. Does that make us fish?
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  4. if it does i wanna be turned into fettlizer for weed lol
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  5. I also once realized far out meant seeing a bigger picture :smoking-banana:
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  6. These days far out means I don't need my reading glasses to see it.
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  7. I just got some weed not to long ago. Like 6 gs for free from my mom. Im stoked.
  8. Oh n a really good insight .. take this 1 too heart my stoners .. weed is not physically addictive but it is mentally this means if you smoke weed for a long time your brain starts to rely on weed and you can quit it and go through a long down period and come out on top or .. you can stay high.. instead of these ups n downs why not just perpectuate your high to not deal with mentally cravings for a period between your sessions. So smoke before you crave.
  9. Holy fuck makes so much sense!!!
  10. I'll have to get back to you on some of those. I cannot remember most of my insights but since I am already soaring like a rocket into space at the moment, I'll reply on here once I get an insight.
  11. When feeling dazed my vision is cloudy af. With that and taking it to a sober mind state, I would never discredit the validity of what someone thinks. Of course to some degree, even an existentialist has to be rational in his living life. With that I would say my brain has put fog on thoughts I didn't even know existed and I have learned to shine light on that when I come down from "high thoughts". A few crazy ones have been why the fuck is nobody talking about us traveling a million miles in space, what if it's not a tolerance but a comfortability with a higher state of consciousness and, why is it illegal to experience said such thoughts.
  12. Insight: it is not about what insight(s) you've had, but what you can remember and put into words when you come back down

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