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Cannabis In India

Discussion in 'General' started by keshmonster, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Hey guys!

    I am currently in India doing my studies. I was a regular smoker when I was back in the states so my interest carried on when I came to India. I was very disappointed. I am currently residing in Bangalore and most of the stuff we score here is garbage. Its spiked and grown very poorly. Is there anyone from India here or anyone that has made trips to India? How was your experience? What kind of stuff did you score? Do you maybe have pictures? And what worked best for you?
  2. Don't they cut your hands off for possession or some shit?

    Fuck that shit, run.:cool:
  3. barely illegal...

  4. Nah man, seriously just pay the like $4 and your set free to go. The police here actually dont give a shit on making the area better and fighting crime. There just there to make a quick buck. Also many sellers pay the cops so they can sell no problem. But regardless of all this the weed is shit lol.
  5. you need to search harder man, if people in amsterdam can be smoking charas from india you should be able to work something out.
  6. I've never been their but I've been doing a little learning about India because o think it has a rich history and shit.

    Have you tried bhang op?
    I believe its sold legally in govt. Sponsored bhang shops, and its a pot drink.

    Marijuana is part of the Hindu religion, so they probably aren't strict...except on Americans who they can arrest or hold ransom.

    Locked up a broad...get it?
  7. I know what you mean. I lived in Bangalore for a while myself before coming back to the US. The only best you can find is the idukki gold from Kerala which is hard to find. But that's as good as it gets. Its hard to find too. And no, it never gets as good as the US but from what I've heard North Indian weed from the Himalayas is the shit. Oh and Hash from Goa.
    Imma go smoke some blackout OG
  8. I believe there's lots of hash in India. Try looking for some.
  9. just ask around for bhang.

  10. Its a shame man haha. Like I'm okay with mediocre weed as long as there is a steady supply of it. You only get stuff every now and then and the stuff thats readily available is shit. Where did you stay in Bangalore?

  11. Trust me man, its not that good lol. Unless your drink 20 glasses. Then you would throw up because you where sick.
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    Hello fellow stoners,

    being a foreigner in India is not easy, its because of you fuckers that the auto prices in bangalore are skyrocketing. AND NOT TO MENTION THE WEED PRICES.

    but anyway to score pot in bangalore specifically, its a very good thing to ask auto drivers, but i have personally never done that, as i am a native of bangalore, and i scored my frends and later on from pedlers.

    there is only one decent (spiked) place in Blore that is, Binny mills, the local cops and everybody know this place, but recently it was shut down. being a foreigner, u cannot go around asking for weed, it will leave large holes in ur pockets anyway, and the cops in bangalore are not very frendly either, but on the spot bribe is about 2000 rupees, so u can escape. they wont jail you anyway, they just need the money..

    however binny mills sucks, other such places include BKnagar(raided recently) etc..

    outside blore, there are very good places, where u get damn good pot, comparitively, lesser seeds, good high, and more quantity, they include Malur, budigere, hoskote etc..

    i think the scoring from these places is also impossible for foreigners, hence here is my best solution to ur problem.

    find stoners,
    ask them,
    score regularly from their peddlers.

    just ask stoners. lots of stoners near Ramiah, Jain colleges, etc,

    and never smoke in public, unless safe

    also, there is lot of weed going around banglore. u get 30-40 gms for 1200 rupees, great pot.. if u know the right people that is. you can score Waynad weed, Idduki gold, Manali Hash, malur pot, chikmaglur weed, shimoga pot, hoskote pot, budigere pot etc.

    making some stoner frends will really help. sometime back my frend got some chronic weed also.

    you can contact me if u want directions or help .. or i can score for you..
  13. btw bang is not legal in india, maybe it was, but thats just in some north places.. not in the south .. drugs are considered to be a very bad thing in the Indian Society.
  14. India has over a billion people in it. Why do you think they would give a fuck about quality weed? They like thier swag. I say stay in cali where the strains are tested.

  15. dude they do give a shit bout it man... i do .. im an indian!

  16. I have heard of some of these places and I have found alot of stoner friends but all the shit is spiked. Clean weed is hard to come by and that is pretty much the problem. I agree if you go out of the city to like hoskote and such places you will get better pot but you must make the trip and you must be local as well. Ahh man the difficulties. Also how did your friend score chronic ?
  17. Grow your own

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  18. I am currently in India doing my studies[​IMG]

  19. Have you lived there your whole life?
  20. nodody cares about buds in india man, they should have decent hash though

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