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Cannabis in conjunction with other drugs (Caffeine, alcohol, sleeping tablets)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by God Almighty, Jun 20, 2015.

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  1. So, let me start by saying, I don't think this falls in the category of "unmentionables" because I'm in no way asking about hard drugs of any kind. I also don't know which category this would fall in, because it pertains to vaping, smoking, dabbing, oils, hash, edibles, and basically all forms of cannabis use. It is also not commercial data, it wouldn't be admissible, it is purely out of self-interest.
    So, that being said, what I'm interested in, is peoples experience when using cannabis at the same time as other drugs, whether this be smoking while taking cold medicine, eating an edible whilst drunk, or any experience you've had. At the end, I would like to have compiled a list of data with stats on it (EG % of Occurrence, specific strains Etc.) that will cover a large variety of effects of cannabis used in conjunction with legal substances. 
    Now, I understand that this information will not be wholly accurate, but at the same time, the data will not be entirely corruptible and so should provide a modicum of knowledge.
    Basically, if you can provide any of the following information, I would much appreciate it, and will send you an imaginary cookie.
    Cannabis (if possible, can you tell me if it was Indica/Sativa, or better yet, what strain it was? Also, what form was it in (Smoking, oil, hash, etc.)) used in conjunction with:
    Caffeine (Was it coffee, energy drink, caffeine pills, etc.)
    Sleeping tablets (If so, what kind were they? What were they prescribed for?)
    Codeine (Often found in cold medicine and painkillers.)
    Anti-depressants (Again, what type are they? Name?)
    Pain killers (EG prescribed for an injury. What brand/name?)
    If you have mixed cannabis with any other legal drugs I haven't mentioned, I would be interested if you have had any side effects or notable changes. It would also be great if you could tell me if you'd had that specific strain/pheno when you weren't taking the other drugs to provide a control, but it's not essential.
    Any help you can give would be much appreciated guys and girls. And if it's requested, I'll post the data once enough has been compiled, but I'll make sure users retain their anonymity. 

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  2. Read the guidelines, only pot alcohol caffeine and tobacco can be discussed. But I love them all with weed
    Basically everything you listed cannot be talked about
  3. Really? That seems a bit weird. I would have thought that discussing the effects of using prescribed drugs with cannabis would be important? If not anything other than to warn people against mixing them?
  4. Any chance you can link me to these guidelines?
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