Cannabis Honey Made From Bees

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  1. If this is true, that is fucking awesome.
  2. I call BS, bees collect pollen not resin and they use the hair on their ass to carry it. One attempt to wipe your ass on a weed plant and you/ll be stuck there forever. If you did manage to get free you wouldn't be able to get the resin out of your hair to make honey anyway.
  3. We raise bee's they collect a lot of resin, i.e. propolis to fill any gap in the hive and to stick the hive boxes together. Stick the frames to the box, it like one wonderful glue. They gather a lot of it as sap from trees. They are very opportunistic, will get whatever it sticky that they can carry back to the hive, sometimes even caulk.
    My guess is the bees are collecting the resin to use as propolis.
    They gather pollen and store to feed the brood, bee bread. Carry it on the hairs of their legs.
    They gather nectar to store and convert to honey for food for the hive, for daily use for winter food. Survival. Nectar is what they ingest, then regurgitate to make honey.
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  4. So the resin never makes it into the honey? What a sham.
  5. No it is all over the hive body, the frames, but not in the honey. Now people do make resin traps, where they encourage the bees to deposit it on thin sheets of plastic with slits. Afterwards they freeze/chill the plastic and pop off the propolis. Then sell it. It is sold to eat / health supplement etc.
    The propolis is a mix of all sorts of saps out there, if you are in the right area, it can have health benefits. Totally depends on what is around.

    Honey is only made from nectar from the plants.

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