Cannabis-growing machine launched in Canada

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  1. A super-fast cannabis-growing machine has been launched in Canada after the country legalised the drug for medicinal use.

    The £1,170 machine will be marketed to users of the drug for medical reasons only. People with terminal illnesses such as multiple sclerosis or Aids can legally use cannabis in Canada.

    John Brusatore, from Vancouver, says his Power Grow system will allow users to grow their own supply instead of buying from street dealers.

    His company, All-Round Industries, has done nearly £315,000 in business since its launch seven weeks ago. Each unit resembles a wide refrigerator with two separate compartments.

    Mr Brusatore said: "People that do medically need (marijuana), they don't have to go out on the street for it or they're not going to try and set up some two-bit wiring job in their house and burn their house down."

    The Power Grow is fully automated and has a ventilation system to prevent the telltale smell of a marijuana-growing operation.

    Mr Brusatore, who included information on the system at said: "You just plug it into the wall and it'll grow one to two pounds of marijuana every six to eight weeks with no pesticides."

    The idea was sparked by Canada's medicinal marijuana policy which came into effect earlier this month.

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  2. Hello bobo ,
    Welcome to Grasscity .

    Interesting post.

    1 to 2 pounds in 6 to 8 weeks............bullocks.
    You could probably cure it in 6 to 8 weeks but not grow ,dry ,cure.
    No way in heck.

    Also interesting that they were able to sell that many units in so short a time. What you could grow in it in 6 to 8 weeks is oregano or maybe big bean sprouts or weed that smokes and has about the same affects as oregano or bean sprouts.

    But the most interesting part about the article is the absence of the fact that you and God together can't turn a crop around in 8 weeks ,and the company has ripped off many sick people by using deceptive/false advertising. If I am wrong please right me ,but ,The only way to get that quantity in that amount of time would be if they were to ship it with the marijuana already inside .:)

    Interesting post.

  3. Assume Speed Devil 2 from Sweet Seeds. Fast growing and autoflowering. Germination to finish in 6 weeks! Another 2 weeks to cure and you have the 8 weeks. If you then have a nursery growing in parallel but 3 weeks out of phase, and feeding the main grow-room every 3 weeks you are cropping the fruiting chamber every 3 weeks. This would need a 2 chamber machine of sufficient size.

    The machine DOES have 2 chambers - one is probably running ideal vegging conditions and the other fruiting. It also has the potential to control temp, air-feed and humidity to a much greater extent than a standard grow-room. If decent lighting, oxygenated DWC and CO2 injection were used, growth conditions would be optimum. Quantity is a matter of size (number of plants) and optimum conditions. I do not know how big the machine is but the new fast-flowering Low-Ryder hybrids are pretty much a game changer. There is a lot of room for this to get very technical. Can I draw your attention to the digital temperature controllers on E Bay. You set temp and cooling parameters and the machine switches heating and cooling on and off to keep grow temperature steady exactly where it needs to be regardless of external conditions. Same goes for humidity. There are many other automations possible. I am currently building such a machine to grow 4 plants to crop on a 3 weeks rotation and will post a log with pictures when I have finished and done a grow. I have already done a successful grow (4 plants) in a 70cm x 70cm cupboard to prove most of the control concepts. I think the main object of the exercise is that replicable optimum conditions give a reliable grow - over and over again with the minimum of manual intervention.

    I have not published anything yet because any innovation draws a chorus of protest saying that it can't be done. The only real answer to those who would not accept the possibility of anything new, is to say "here are the photographs and this is exactly how it was done". If it works as anticipated, expect another response in mid March/April. Lastly - if you want to have a go at building something like this you will need some ability with tools and electrical wiring but it is not outrageously complex once you have the concept.
  4. wait the dood who invented the Upside Down planter?

    THAT GUY?!
  5. There is no way that it's more efficient to use a machine then it is to just grow clones.
  6. launch it in us for non mmj
  7. Uh yeah...
    I'll be sticking to the normal way.
  8. 11 year old thread :rolleyes:

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  10. you guys are high.

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