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Cannabis Glycerin Tincture in an E-cig

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by foshiz95, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. :D its awesome.

  2. [quote name='"foshiz95"']:D its awesome.

    Sick setup mang.
    I can only imagine how awesome it is, I just got an eGO c-upgrade and a couple tanks for nice juice and to vape some tincture like you. Any tips or techniques you might want to share for a beginner? Also, what kind of tincture is it? Like a 50/50 or all VG?
  3. Please explain the tincture.

    I have a similar set up. Ego-CTwist

  4. I use a Buzzpro with a sandblasted phiniac so i assume i could replicate this. What brand/resistance/coil type carto are you using? Are you mixing eliquid with the tincture?
  5. Sick stick QQbunnies, what kind of tank ya using on that?
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    I just put straight honey oil into a regular ole cig2o rechargable. I made a bunch of pg tincture but I prefer the straight oil...I just pull out the cotton stuff and drip it straight in there....then I gently warm up the cart and put it in my 'spinny thingie' to force the oil down onto the coil thing. Works awesome for me....I wish I knew it was this simple years ago. :smoking:

    * I seriously considered buying one of the higher end ~100$ pen vapes...but after my results with this I'm more than satisfied.
  7. ^^^^ That easy huh? I figure straight oil is too thick for the Tanks that I use. Thinking about getting a little battery and cartomizer like your setup but the voltage output on my eGO c-upgrade goes up to 4.5v and I've heard that is perfect for hash tincture. You said that you spin the Cartomizer? Like in a centrifuge?
  8. yeh I don't remember what it's called...I read about it on the ecig forums or something...it's where you take a 2 foot piece of string or whatever and make alittle 'pouch' to put the cart in..then spin it around real fast and the centrifical force will push the oil down...as long as the cart is warmed up the oil will be soft enough. I used a sharpie marker cap and duct taped 2 feet of rope to it.
  9. Ah that makes sense. Does it put out a lot of vapor? Also, how torched do you get off of your setup? Like reasonably baked or does it stone you to your gourd? :smoking:
  10. no it doesn't put out much vapor...nothing like the pg tincture. It's really a different kinda high then I'm used to...much more of an 'up' high..kinda speedy.. Might just be the particular batch of oil I'm using atm though. I'm a really heavy smoker (just weed) but I'll say my friends that have tried it only need about 3-4 rips and they're good to go. It seems like you're not really getting much of a hit, then a few minutes later it hits you.

    There's nothing like the freedom of using one of these whenever I want, wherever I want. No lighter needed. I recently picked up a pocket recharger for camping and stuff. I still prefer to smoke out of my pipe or w/e ...I guess I'm old fashioned..but it's nice to have the cig for on-the-go stuff.
  11. [quote name='"Goohead"']Sick stick QQbunnies, what kind of tank ya using on that?[/quote]

    SmokTech chrome tank
  12. Can anyone recommend or explain a simple recipe for a small amount of Cannabis Glycerin Tincture? Can it be done using an 8th? I don't really fancy buying a couple of ounces to test this out. Id like to make a couple of carts worth just to test it out.

    I also have the Ego C.
  13. I almost have enough AVB to make my first glycerin tincture. I'll be vaping it with my Provari. Since the Provari is a variable voltage mod, I wonder if the higher or lower volts will work better... anyone have any insight?
  14. I've read in a another forum and in badkittie's thread somewhere that a higher voltage works a little better with hash tinctures, like say 4 to 4.5 volts. How high does the Provari go Mr. Lahey?

    P.S. I've secretly been envious of your name and avi for a while now. :smoking:
  15. Pretty sure you could make a glycerin tincture from an 8th's amount of hash. From what I've read in other forums and in Badkittiesmiles's thread(I think her thread should be stickied by now) along with my experience that I've had with making hash, I would say with 99% iso you should yield somewhere between .5 to .7 or higher depending on the bud. That amount of hash should be able to adhere to about 2.5 ml or just a little more of vegetable glycerin. Should be a perfect amount for you to experiment with.

    Shiiiiiiit, I might just go through the whole process and document it for GC. There's enough demand for the information on here. Anyone else think that's a good idea?
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    The Provari goes from 3.2 all the way up to 6 volts. I always have it set on 6 for my e-liquid but didn't know if that would be overkill with a glycerin tincture.

    Haha thanks! I was actually kinda surprised the name wasn't taken yet!

  17. This is going to depend entirely on the cartomizer you're putting the tincture in. If it's a 2.0 ohm and you run it at 6 volts you're going to kill the cartomizer but you'll still get the vapor to begin with. Assuming you're running a standard resistance 2.5 ohm carto/atty, 5 volts should be fairly sufficient, putting out 10 watts. Also preferably you'd run it through an atomizer instead of a carto due to the thickness of tincture and foreseeable wicking issues. I haven't picked up this week, but maybe when I do later in the week I'll grab a little extra and give this a shot on my own vv.
  18. Tried this before with glycerin tincture, still think tinctures are more useful for serious medicating than getting baked

  19. I think that is a mighty fine idea. There seems to be a lot of information on making a big batch of tincture... but there seems to be little information on making small batches of the stuff. Not everyone has the fund to purchase an OZ to experiment with. Id also be interested to see if it is possible to use a pre-made Eliquid containing nicotine and using this as a base.

  20. Good post.

    I use Boge 3.0 cartos. I was planning on adding some PG to the tincture to thin it out a bit. Maybe I will just drip it directly on an atomizer so I don't lose any stuck in the carto . . . something about going out and about with a full tank of delicious tincture has me pretty pumped.

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