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Cannabis Free Cigarettes

Discussion in 'General' started by Vortes, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Has anyone tried these?
    Anyone think they are any good? I've seen them and always wanted to try them as just something to smoke, I cant stand normal cigs, give me headaches
  2. i smoke cigs but i dont really like these ones to much i dont really know why
  3. Oh those are those 'exstacy' ones where it says exstacy like where it'd say newport reguarlly.

    If thats it i had one shiet, Prolly like close to 5 years ago and i thought it was some stale ass garbage ciggerate till i got told it wasnt a norm cig.
  4. My friend had something similar. It wasn't like smoking at all, there was basically 0 smoke. It was like smoking air, gave me no satisfaction whatsoever.
  5. Nicotine-free... Tobacco-free...Cannabis-free......

    What the fuck is the point? :confused::confused:
  6. Thank god I can finally get Canabis free cigarettes. :p

    I don't understand this product.
  7. *head explodes*
  8. Better question, what the fuck is in these things?
  9. Ingredients: Damiana, Wild Lettuce, Catnip, Passion Flower, Skull Cap, Mint
    Natural Flavors, Love & Light
  10. Yeah, I thought it was a joke at first. I still want to know what is in these things.(nevermind answered above)

    Here's a vid of some guy smoking one. He says they taste and smell like weed, and he thinks he is getting high - he obviously has never smoked actual marijuana.

  11. Actually most of those ingredients do have psycoactive chemicals in them. But they are very mild compared to MJ.
  12. I might be wrong, but it seems to me the point is the "cool" aspect of cigs without the addiction and probably less health risk. Stupid if you ask me, nobody likes a poser. If you wanna smoke, smoke. If you don't, don't. Anyone who would judge you one way or the other isn't worth your respect or the time it takes to impress them.

    To me, the only good reasons to smoke something is if it makes you feel good, or you just really like the taste. But if it doesn't do anything for you.... I dunno I'd see that as, if someone's doing that just to look cool, are you even going to get the "real them" when you talk to them?

    Edit: Ok well if they actually do something for you, that's cool. But when you say the effects are mild, would someone even feel an effect from one stick? I dunno it still seems shady to me.

  13. Some of the ingredients are the same as spice; and for me, spice had a significant effect, similar in many ways to mj. Who knows if this is the same, though.
  14. I'm pretty sure its one of those legal weed things. My friend said he has those and he said you can get high off them.
  15. They sell them at the smoke shop I go to.

    My buddy was half tempted to buy a pack just to see what they were, I talked him out of it though.

  16. You absolutely can't, if they're anything like the ones I tried.

    You're a good friend, those things are garbage.
  17. i would try them anyway. just because they are such a novelty

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