cannabis does not make you more creative?

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    and thousands of artists that say different.
    they were basically given a short term memory test, get that shit outta here..
  3. I would disagree with the experiment itself. I think a test setting is probably the worst place for creativity. Yes! I would love to create things while I'm stoned, and scientists scrutinize my creative value...
    Perfect place for fostering creativity..
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  4. Im living proof that this study is bullshit.

     When I smoke a good sativa, i get a serious motivational and creative boost.  I'll draw some crazy shit on a potent sativa.

     Indica's for retarded drawings of stick figures in ridiculous situations. lol
  5. Marijuana is actually one of the biggest motivators of my life. That, music and women. This site is about growing, most of us grow. Marijuana motivates us to build growrooms, and not get busted, and get bigger and better yields, to log onto GC and post comments...All that shit. Humans have evolved with cannabis, It's only in the last 80 years or so that it's been demonized to make people think that it somehow robs you of potential. Marijuana is a part of me, it allows me better use of my brain. I couldn't imagine a life without it honestly. But I know that ultimately I am in control of my thoughts, my beliefs and my actions so I'm able to correctly use this plant.
  6. Quickly coming up with solutions and creativity are two different things.
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  7. That's more like ingenuity or inventiveness

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