cannabis does not make you more creative?

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  2. I don't dispute this but it's only partially true. I'm usually much slower at coming up with creative solutions and I'm more forgetful and stupid when I'm high. But I do come up with more creative problems when I'm high! And I can even get into trouble with authority in more creative ways, too. But usually I'm way too lazy to bother..
  3. Marijuana doesnt dull your senses. It enhances them. I could go on and on about the metaphysics of weed and the mind but in short, I believe that it enhaces everything i do. Ive never felt dumb, or uninspired while stoned. You're as creative as you want to be, and if you believe that getting stoned will hinder your creativeness then you've killed any chance of possible creativity before it even starts. Its all in a state of mind man.
  4. It makes me ccreative but also lazy

    Anyone who says weed doesn't make you lazy is kidding themselves

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  5. I can smoke weed and not get lazy haha I know cause I smoke weed every morning then hang drywall for 8-10 hours the weed actually seems to keep me going I think it's just if you smoke weed and laze around you will then become lazy
  6. Just because its possible to move your body doesn't mean your potential isn't lowered

    I highly doubt you can effectively do your job at the same potential as you would be sober

    Maybe you do it just fine, but I'd bet you could do it faster

    "what is a bunny of fish?" - Christopher Brown
  7. Well it effects people differently It helps me concentrate and I can actually do my job faster
  8. Perhaps it does not make you more creative but unlocks the creative potential you already possessed. 
  9. I think the results of the study came out like that because the dosage was universal.

    If i smoke as much as i want to, i can get myself at a level that actually makes writing music and freestyling a hell of a lot easier. If i smoke too much tho then i know for a fact my potential will be lowered.

    So... this study sucks cuz it doesnt account for everyones level of tolerance.
  10. I have a lot of dumb ideas when I'm high but some of my best ones were when I was stoned as hell though. Yeah it can make it slower for you to come up with many different solutions, but when you do get that 'creative click' it absolutely helps out. There's a reason so many artists, musicians, etc smoke pot, and it's not just because it feels awesome. (it does though.)
  11. Opens up my mind to trains of thought different to those when i'm sober 
    But also makes me lazy, accept when i'm lifting 
  12. A friend o
    For some people it's like coke they get plenty energy from it dunno how that works
    Like my ex she used to smoke before, during and after work, don't forget before bedtime too
    i think i'd just fall asleep if i did that
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  14. I think it has a lot to do with your tolerance as well I smoke every day and other people I know that smoke every day are the same other friends of mine get tired and burn out cause there not used to it
    Combining the video and the study, it does make sense. The study said it impair your divergent thinking.. but that's because it's literally impairing your divergent thinking. When you get on a train of thought, it's difficult to diverge into another train of thought because your neurons for that thought basically have the throttle stuck open.

    </div>One thing i noticed about the participants used  was that they controlled only for monthly cannabis  use.  Table 1 only mentions years of cannabis exposure and monthly use. So  there could be a high variability in the amount they use , therefore a difference in tolerance. though this is randomized I think this weakens their conclusion. Now I don't know about you guys , but 250mg of weed to vaporize fully seems a lot to me personally. I probably vape about 100mg of content in my mflb . It's possible the population in this study has not built a tolerance to beable to handle 22mg of thc and are just completely blazed out of their minds.
    the placebo may not be a true placebo, since it does have some thc, which could possibly also aid in creativity , but unlikely imo
    on fig1. on the dependent variables for fluency and flexibility 5.5 mg thc is higher but nonsignificant compared to the placebo , 

    on originality 5.5 mg scores significantly higher than the placebo
    22mg scored significantly lower on all 3 measures.
    imo, this study does demonstrate decrease in creativity, but only if the doses are too high that it overwhelm the individual, but we don't know the participants tolerance before hand so its hard to say. at the same time it also provides evidence that it increases creativity from the results of the 5.5mg dose.
  17. Weed does not make you lazy, some people are just lazy. 
  18. No. Weed most certainly makes me want to literally do nothing

    When I'm sober im actually very productive

    I've never met anyone who doesn't get lazy with weed. But I have met lots who say it doesn't make them lazy, when it obviously does.

    So I guess I'm biased based on personal experience, but having a LOT of experience in the matter, I wouldn't believe anyone who claims they can be just as productive high as sober. (Obviously you CAN be productive high, just not nearly as much as sober)

    "what is a bunny of fish?" - Christopher Brown
  19. Maybe for the majority of the tested people.

    I find myself thinking thr most abstract and radical Ideas when I am VERY high, usually the first giant bowl of thr day.

    Constant smoking makes me less creative.
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    I'm a high-functioning stoner. I can do anything from logging in like 8 hours of graphic and code work to lifting high and it just adds a little more enjoyment to the mix. It's easy to commit to things for extensive lengths of time for me, if I'm high. Which isn't to say that I can't be productive sober, and that I'm not productive sober. But you definitely will rage a little quicker if you're fucking on something or if the day's just not going your way, than if you had maybe smoked a bowl and then gone into work mode in a relaxed manner with a clear head.
    But I also acknowledge that this isn't the case for probably the majority of people. For most it's more of a means of relaxation and just cutting loose, which means they're probably just gonna get some food and watch TV or porn.

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