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Cannabis does NOT cure cancer

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Footbag, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. I see a lot of people stating that "cannabis cures cancer" on here. And it's simply not true.

    Think I'm wrong or have something to share on the topic?

    - Link to medical journals citing studies and studies themselves.
    - Link to scientific evidence supporting your claim.​

    - List conspiracy about the government or pharm companies hiding the truth.
    - Link to video of someone profiting off of google searches for their personal content.
    - Bother with individual testimonials that are no different from snake oil infomercials (Nopalina comes to mind)​

    Also, I'm glad that people get carried away with the (many, many) benefits of using cannabis and enjoy reading about it. But make sure that what you say is true.
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  3. Actually the active chemical in marijuana called tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) is proven to stop the growth of cancerous cells in the lungs.
  4. Of course cannabis can be life saving in certain situations where the loss of appetite due to cancer treatment (chemotherapy) is drastic, and it can ease pain and nausea. I think I read one reputable study that claimed it protected against cancer, but honestly the sample size of the test was not large enough for anyone to say with certainty that the study could support a valid null hypothesis (based on the results of course). To claim that it "cures" cancer is just wrong.
  5. ;):smoke:

  6. I love it. Make a definitive statement and offer no proof or evidence of your own, and instead require us to provide you with proof and evidence because you're too lazy to do your own research, and then you add a little list of "don't's" and then poison the well by making blanket statements like "individual testimonials are no different than snake oil merchants"


  7. What are you talkin' about friend.. I don't need to prove that cannabis DOESN'T cure cancer. That's just common sense. 7+ million people wouldn't die from it every year if cannabis was the cure.
  8. That's a possibility. It's also a possibility no one has really tried taking a couple pounds of buds, distilling them down to a thick oil, and eating it ALL gradually over a few months time.

    This is the method people who are saying Cannabis Cures Cancer are referring to, and I think it does have some promise. Completely flooding the body with cannabinoids this way (eaten instead of smoked) allows them to really reach their full healing capacity. It's already been shown in those studies that brain/lung cells in the presence of cannabinoids shut down and die, they just need to do more studies on humans to fully prove it.
  9. Somebody else just posted this earlier in another thread

    NORML.ORG US CA: Cannabis For The Cure?

    "Cannabis seeks out disregulation, like the growth of a tumor, and addresses that problem without interrupting the rest of the body," Reiman said.
  10. I'm almost 100 percent sure the AMA put out a statment saying it slows the growth of cancer cells as well as possesing anti cancer agents. It helped stop/ reduce 5 different kinds of cancer as well as help with symtoms of all the patients. I would post a link but I'm on my phone.. I still can't tell if this is a troll thread
  11. Well, I don't think many intelligent people on the forum are claiming it "cures cancer", there's hundreds of different types of cancer and there's obviously different stages and different malignancies.

    Studies have shown THC can lead to the death of cancerous cells, though. I just assumed that's what you meant by "cure".

    Very few pharmaceutical pills "cure" anything either. Vast majority of them are just for symptom management.

    And even if it were "the cure", 7+ million people probably would still die from cancer, it's illegal, it's hard to access for people, and a lot of people never hear about cannabis as a "medicine", or if they do, it's from a biased news source.
  12. [ame=]‪Dad Gives Toddler Battling Brain Cancer Medical Marijuana‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  13. Technically, unless you have proof that it doesn't cure cannabis, you can't say it doesn't, just as you can't say it does unless you have proof that it does. Without any proof for either side, OP, you actually just don't know... You should change the title to "Cannabis might NOT cure cancer"

  14. That's like saying... "of course hemp can't be made into paper and wood products. If it i did, companies wouldn't be cutting down millions of trees every year"...
  15. I'm confused as to how you assume that it doesn't cure cancer, (which by the way "cancer" is extremely general when used that way) when you have no evidence of your own, in face there is more evidence to the contrary, it actually does slow down certain types of cancer, thats been proven.

    Don't disagree with something just because everyone else agrees.. lol
  16. I'm one of the cofounders of the cannabis cancer project in Michigan.

    Different kinds of cancers respond to varying degrees.

    For some reason, children seem to respond better than adults.

    I have a case that I'm trying to get before lawmakers in Lansing. This is a HIV patient that has been under the treatment of a major medical center. The head of the department he usually deals with labels his case "cancer controlled by cannabis."

    To date there has been zero double blind studies involving humans. So if you limit your request with "only human studies are able to prove the statement." Then you are correct.

    There has been zero testing.

    If that is the basis for your statement, then you are correct. Within the walls you have built.

  17. Your being unbelievably arrogant, first of all could you please tell everyone who you are to make such a colossal and incorrect statement? Are you a Dr? Professor? Cannabis researcher? And your asking everybody for links to prove it, how about some links to prove your views?
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