Cannabis Danger To Men

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  1. By Isabel Oakeshott, Evening Standard
    Source: London Evening Standard

    Men are today warned that smoking cannabis could affect their fertility. Scientists have uncovered new evidence that the drug upsets the male reproductive system.
    They fear it could reduce the amount of testosterone - which plays a key role in sperm production - produced by the body. It may have a serious impact on the body's natural hormones and they want more research to assess the risk.

    The warning comes in a study by scientists at Aberdeen University, who examined the impact of cannabis on male mice.

    The animals, whose reproductive systems are similar to those of humans, were injected with cannabinoids - cannabis derivatives - to see if they changed natural messages from the brain to the testes regulating testosterone production.

    Because the testes also produce testosterone of their own accord, as well as reacting to brain signals, the research team also looked at whether cannabis affected this function.

    The results suggest that the drug has a significant impact on both processes.

    Dr Paul Fowler - from the university's department of obstetrics and gynaecology - who led the research, said: "Our study suggests that cannabis interferes with the hormones needed for reproduction.

    "It appears to affect the way the testes make and release testosterone, and has an impact on the way the brain regulates production of the hormone."

    The team found that in mice, cannabis may actually boost the amount of testosterone produced as a result of brain signals, but it reduces the amount produced by the testes. Dr Fowler said: "These two things could add together to have a serious negative impact on testosterone production."

    The research, to be unveiled at a major fertility conference in Aberdeen today, reignites the debate about the potential dangers of so-called soft drugs.

    Cannabis is the most widely used drug in the United Kingdom after alcohol and cigarettes. Home Office figures suggest that a third of all 15-year-olds have tried it. Experts estimate it is responsible for 30,000 deaths in the UK every year. Last month, it emerged that cannabis users are seven times more likely to suffer from mental illness, triggering fears of an epidemic of schizophrenia.

    The United Nations drugs watchdog has warned that the Government's "softly, softly" approach is putting the health of a generation at risk. Critics say the decision to downgrade it to a Class C drug has sent out the wrong message, encouraging people to think it is safe. Studies show that nine out of 10 children believe it is legal.

    Scientists have speculated that falling sperm counts among European men are due to the surge in the use of recreational drugs. Previous studies on mice suggest that women who smoke marijuana during pregnancy risk damaging their baby's reproductive system.

    Source: London Evening Standard (UK)
    Author: Isabel Oakeshott, Evening Standard
    Published: July 14, 2003
    Copyright: 2003 Associated Newspapers Ltd.
  2. "Experts estimate it is responsible for 30,000 deaths in the UK every year."

    Bull fucking shit...that is the most retarded statement ever...what a disgrace

  3. So much bullshit compacted into a single paragraph...
    First off...

    Several studies suggest that many of those who have mental illnesses and smoke marijuanna already had the illness before starting...

    Most causes of death from cannabis are from people falling asleep and setting themselves on fire...
    You would have to smoke an enormous amount of weed in a certain amount of time to kill yourself...
    And you would probably die from smoke suffocation before dying from anything cannabis does to you...

    I'm just gonna stop here...
    I'm so disappointed and annoyed at morons who become journalists and decide to share their bullshit...

    I'll let Erowid say the rest...


    There are no confirmed, published deaths from cannabis-only poisoning. There are a small number of people who report serious cannabis allergies which cause unexpectedly intense reactions, throat & lung irritation, etc.

    Heart Issues:
    Because cannabis increases heart rate, it could potentially increase risks of heart problems in those at risk of heart disease. One study found that cannabis use increased the risk of heart attack in men over 40, but its findings were weak and based on a very small number of individuals. In a large study of 65,000 individuals in California by Sidney et al in 1997, cannabis was not found to increase mortality rates among users under 50.

    Mental Illness:
    Several studies have indicated that cannabis use (like many other strong psychoactives) can precipitate neuroses or psychoses in those who are already at risk. Studies have also shown that cannabis use does not appear to increase the risk of psychosis in otherwise healthy individuals.
  4. I quit using pot.

    maybe everybody should .

    no ,not because of harmful side effects (those are bullshit).

    It is just too fucking expensive to buy.

    And too risky to grow

  5. ...nah...
  6. Some intresting facts mostly Propaganda though.

  7. Ditto WB...sounds like regurgitation of some old studies I've been hearing for years about reduced sperm counts...I've yet to meet the stoner who can't have kids, however I know plenty of nonsmoking couples who spent $ THOUSANDS trying to conceive...sounds to me like the UK anti-pot faction is trying to change public opinion away from re-classification of mj...the timing of the reports are obvious...too bad the pro-pot groups don't have the funds to counter these BS studies!
  8. Some of us have alot more to loose if caught.

  9. Roach, sorry about whatever must've sucked big time.
  10. If pot really does affect your reproductive system in a negative way, think of it in evolutionary terms. Overpopulation is a problem in many parts of the world. If a male's system is screwy, less conception will happen, less overpopulation, etc. As long as you are true to who you are, just be you. Whatever happens, happens. If you feel like smoking, then smoke. If you can't have kids, don't sweat it. I'm sure sociey's views will eventually change, accepting couples who don't/can't have kids.
  11. I guess I'm one of those intellectual stoners. I should become an orator. That'd be grrrrrrrrrrreat.

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