Cannabis Cup Winner

Discussion in 'General' started by Blutteufel, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Been wondering what strain won last year. Anyone know?
  2. Indica - Big Buddha's Cheese
    Sativa - Moka Haze

    Big Buddha's Cheese is the stinkiest most trichome infested fuck you up bud I have ever smoked before personally.
  3. lol and you sure get those dank strains so this shit must be out of sight dank
  4. What i've always wondered is how they can judge the strains when a lot of the dankness depends on the grower's abilities. Do they grow all the plants in the exact same conditions?
  5. it is about growers ability. who ever grows the dankest buds wins
  6. So they announce the winning strain and grower?
  7. i read judges comments on previous cups they have bags of the different entries ,roll and pass them around,there is always one bag finished first which everyone wants more of this is usually the winner
  8. huh? i didnt understand that last post, & i dont think it was because of me bein stoned:confused_2:
  9. Hes saying theres many bags of each strain grew by the same grower, They smoke each of em and whatever strain of bags goes first is the winner because its the most liked because its smoked the most.

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