Cannabis Cup Nov 20-24

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  1. I'm thinking about going and I've never been. I live in the USA and everything there is euros which is a lot more than our dollar. Has anyone ever been from the USA, and is it worth the money? If so about how much do I need to bring?
  2. See you there if you go - ah and yes it's great fun, if you have never been to Europe you will love it plus there is loads to do in Amsterdam :bongin::bongin:

  3. Thanks, but how much us dollars will I need? I know euro is more.
  4. Well 100 euro is about $143 - so depends on your spending habits, Amsterdam is cheaper than London but coming from the US you may find it expensive.

    Aim for $100 a day after travel & hotel and you should be fine - does that help??

  5. Wow yeah thanks that's cheap. I was prepared for 250-400 us dollars a day.
  6. Well like I said depends on what you like to spend your money, if it's sex then take much more, if it's just food, booze and weed $150 a day should do it :smoke:

  7. Bringing the wife so just weed and food. We got Vegas for sex. I'm stoked, I'm getting my judges passes next week.
  8. weed & food - you should be fine, of course take extra in case you two decide to party big time lol

    Closer to the date lets exchange details and maybe catch up for smoke? :bongin:

  9. Absolutely. By then ill have my citral, blue widow, g-13 haze, afghan kush ryder, northern lights x big bud, new York 47, and fruit automatic harvested.
  10. Hell yes - we have gotta meet lol :smoke:

  11. Cool, we can trade seeds if you got some good strains
  12. Wooooooop, this year I'll be there (after failing the last three due to indecisive friends).
    Dunno if prices change at the cup but for the top stuff (Super Silver Haze, G13 Haze, etc.) when I was there it was about 12 Euros a gram.
    Other than that it's easy to eat cheap, beer's really cheap (from shops/supermarkets anyway) and accommodation's cheap if you're not after a flashy hotel.
    Hope to see you there dudes!
    P.S. Killeroo, every time I see your name I get that funky bass song in my head.:smoke:
  13. Sadly I don't really have seeds, as I tend to buy direct from farmers et al, but I may buy some off you for future projects :smoke:

  14. Interesting - what kind of funky bass song? :smoke:

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    I have 5 g13 haze I'm about to start as soon as these citrals go into flowering.
    I imagine eating cheap is going to be important, cause ill probably have a constant case of the munchies.
  16. That's a Barneys Farm strain right?

  17. [ame=]YouTube - The Mighty Boosh Songs - The Shamen[/ame]
  18. Yes barneys farm femanized. Ordered through attitude seed co.
    I say we all 3 Exchange info before we go, each carry around a grinder with a keef catcher. And on the 24th we all meet up, and empty are grinders into the best supercharged doobie of all time!
  19. Does it say 'killeroo' in it? Sounds like it does but I have just had a hit :smoke:
  20. I'm not going this year but next year, and I need to know the age qualifications. I plan on bringing a friend but he will only be 17 by then. Thanks!

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