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Cannabis Cup 2011

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lizard King, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Is there anyone from Grasscity who is planning to attend Cannabis Cup next week in Amsterdam ?
  2. I never really see the point in the Cannabis Cup.

    Amsterdam is a tiny place, and it's usually quite busy without the Cannabis Cup.

    During the Cannabis Cup... in my opinion... forget about it!! Every single coffee shop is PACKED out. Plus my friend said it's a gimmick. You pay so much and don't really feel like you're doing or getting anything "extra" than you normally would do on a trip to Amsterdam.

    I personally enjoy the great cup winners, after the cannabis cup. That way, it's not hectic or insanely busy. I can sit back, and toke in peace! lol

  3. exactly. so many people travel there i honestly think you would be lucky to find any shop that's not totally full. Personally i dont like smoking in large groups...
  4. Ive been told that the best weed isnt in the shops in amsterdam, Your better off knowing blades in the area to hook you up, they say the bud in the shops is for tourists and its over priced and not as good as what amsterdam really has to offer..

  5. Maybe you can't get the absolute best weed in Amsterdam from a coffeeshop, but the bud there is some of the best stuff in the world.

    To be honest, I never quite understood the Cannabis Cup, as I understand it you pay money to be given the ability to vote, you don't get free samples or anything, you have to buy your own weed, but you can vote in a competition I suspect may be rigged.
  6. Don't know if it is true or not but i will definitely learn it next week :smoke:

  7. i've heard the exact same story

  8. me too,

    but that being said, I've never NOT been happy with what I can find in the main coffee shops. Blasts me away.
  9. There is a ton of people speaking about Cups when they never even went to one....

    First of all, veteran growers/breeders wait, perfect, and release brand new strains during the Cup season. To seasoned tokers that smoked nearly every strain that's critical.

    Sweet tooth, Super Silver Haze, Northern Lights, Chocolope, etc. Most great strains came from Arjan, BC Bud Depot those guys definitely aren't Americans.

    Yeah it may be packed but that's because the expo and parties are catered to international cannabis veterans. Ever hit out of a 10 foot Volcano bag? See Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill do a bong rip out of the RooR Excalibur? Ever been handed FREE weed from a hot nude woman with marijuana leaves painted on her nipples?

    Don't hate on something you've never experienced..
  10. seems as though they have commented on the shops man...
    Not the cup...I see no one hating on the cup here...;):p

    as a veteran grower i know whom has the better genetics.
  11. #11 anonymous911, Nov 16, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 16, 2011
    All the shop owners and workers that I met said that only Americans and Canadians care about the cannabis cup and the winners. You find the same quality weed or better at the coffeeshops, and at the more famous ones, many times you can find past years' weed and hash winners. But the previous winners I smoked weren't even the best buds that I got in the Netherlands, and the Amsterdam bud also isn't the best in the whole Netherlands.

    But if you want to spend the money because you're actually interested in the competition aspect, go for it! You'll find me in a coffeeshop :smoke:

    Edit: and yeah, the locals will tell you coffeeshop weed isn't the best and is extremely overpriced
  12. Ill be leaving saturday and landing sunday at 4.

    I cant wait.
    Where Im from you can never find any top buds.
    We can get some ok stuff but Its always way over priced.

    Ill be there the 20th-26th.
    Hit me up and we can do a little crawl?
  13. I'm heading over the first week of December, it's the best time IMO.

    You get to enjoy the weed without all the madness. The cup is fun though.
  14. I am heading Amsterdam tomorrow morning. Don't know if i'll have time to join the cup everyday but i'll be around within coffee shops
  15. Leaving tomorrow, might get a day pass, but they're 50 euro and the feedback for it hasn't been great, especially because for that price you don't get that many free samples, only some booths give you vape bags I've read. I'd rather just spend 50 euro at the shops themselves....Can't wait!
  16. So, who won the Cup this year?
  17. ^^It ends on the 24th^^
  18. I didn't realize it was a whole week affair... oops
  19. I'd rather go to Vancouver
  20. The cops busted Cannabis Cup and they seem to arrest everyone that carries more then 5gr's of weed.

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