Cannabis Cup 2003

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Dr Bud, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. Anyone know when the Cannabis Cup 2003 will be held?
  2. wtf is the cannabis cup? lol that rhymes
  3. hay look, this is the canabis cup
    the best growers from over the world go to amsterdam or some place where ever it is held and they take the weed, and the lucky mother fucker\ing judges have to pick the best strain. i think the canais cup is held every november, if u live in the uk the is a show called euro trash and they normaly show it.
  4. 2003 Cannabis Cup Judging/Event dates: November 23-27, 2003
  5. Anyone can be a judge, but it's a fairly expensive ticket. You get to try every strain they have! I wonder who won for 2002...I didn't hear anything about it.
  6. blueberry won, go to and look around in there. im pretty sure thats wehre i found it.
    Best strain of marijuana/coffeeshop

    1.\tMorning Glory/Barney's
    2.\tNYC Diesel/De Tweede Kamer
    3.\tSuper Kali Mist/Green House

    Best sativa strain/seed company

    1.\tMother's Finest/Sensi Seeds
    2.\tNYC Diesel/Soma Seeds
    3.\t(tie) Kali Mist/Serious Seeds & Super Silver Haze/Green House

    Best indica strain/seed company

    2.\tBuddha's Sister/Soma Seeds
    3.\tMango/KC Seeds

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