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Discussion in 'General' started by chiefMOJOrisin, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Recently, situations arose that forced me to temporaraly end my marijuana growing endevours. It has been about a week short of 2 months since I murdered my plants in cold blood.

    Women and children don't deserve to be hurt.....:(

    Before its untimely demise, my growroom consitently had at least one living marijuana plant in it at all times for about 4 years straight. Throughout that time I have gotten numerous harvests, grown numerous strains, played marijuana god and got some killer hybrid generations, employed numerous techniques and purchased several 'upgrades'.

    I like to consider myself a reliable source of cannabinformation. I enjoy all aspects of the marijuana plant. Smoking it is just the beginning for me. I like to grow it, smell it, look at it, eat it in many different fashions, create things with it, sing/jam with it, critique it, and if the mood strikes me I like to make love to it.

    So as of roughly 2 months ago I began cannabis cultivation detox. Since the shutdown of my growroom I have slowly been realizing that I not only love and enjoy growing...... I almost need to. Without any plants I find myself thinking about weed much more often than normal. I have a strong feeling of emptiness that only a 3 foot tall bud bush can fill.

    My buddies are the ones who brought this 'problem' to my attention. They noticed that every time we get a bag, pack a bowl, or anything involving the handling of marijuana I immediatly critique the bud as if I am a herb journalist. I will look at every nug and try to figure out how it looked when it was living and growing on the plant and how and why it got the way it is. Shortly after the carnage (killing plant/end operation) I began carrying around my 60-100x magnafication mini-microscope (used to be 10$ at radioshack... a MUST for any grower) so I could bust it out and check out the thrichomes on whatever bud. Then I make several comments about how the bud could have been grown better, or harvested at a different time.

    And even more recently, I have been trying to figure out the lighting and position of the nug in regards to said lighting. Or whether it was grown outdoors or indoors (not a hard task).

    I am in withdrawl from marijuana growing. Smoking alone simply does not fulfill my marijuanical needs. Funny how I get withdrawls from growing a drug and not actually using it.

    So basically, I wanted to know if anyone else was/is striken with this affliction. I realize that the only way to cure my herb jones is to start that bitch up again. Which I could do right now if I wanted to. However, the situation is still sketchy and I can't bear to see anymore women and children get hurt. No need to risk innocent lives. Males can fuck off.

  2. yes, everything you said!! ..and it never goes away, when you're 50 and have kids and grandkids you'll still be thinking about the plant, it's in you it's part of you, it's not an "addiction" or a problem it's just part of you. just like it's part of me

    I guess it's like some people have to play football and some people have to paint pictures or whatever, that's what's in them this is what's in us.

    all I can suggest is you do a genetics course at college, you'll enjoy the shit out of it

    sorry you had to stop growing man! i know, it's like losing a limb :(
  3. I know what you mean chief, I get the same way during the winter.

    I write songs with my plants as an audience, I sing to them and they wave their fans at me in the breeze, they give me inspirations beyond my own capabillities.

    I'm sorry to hear that you aren't growing right now, I just had to take a year off, and thought I was going to go apeshit. But soon, tell yourself, soon! The clones are waiting, the seeds are waiting, the nutes are waiting, the day you feel ready to rise again.

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