Cannabis Cultivation: A Complete Grower's Guide (Paperback)

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    Cannabis Cultivation: A Complete Grower's Guide[​IMG]

    Product Description
    Written by commercial-scale grower Mel Thomas — nicknamed "Mr. Big" by the authorities — Cannabis Cultivation divulges the expertise, tips, and insight he learned at the helm of one of the world’s largest marijuana growing operations. Free of technical jargon and boring theory, the book’s step-by-step directions enable anyone to grow and harvest the highest quality marijuana using simple techniques and inexpensive, everyday gardening tools. All of the important factors that influence growth rate, yield, and potency are covered, including lighting, planting mediums, pH, nutrients, water systems, air, and temperature.

    Cannabis Cultivation: A Complete Grower's Guide[​IMG]
  2. This book is good for diy setups. there are all sorts of blueprints for different methods of growing. On the other hand some of the information that the author presents doesn't sound accurate. If you get this, get something else to balance it.
  3. i use this book its really awesome book.thanks for posting here [​IMG]

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