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Cannabis Cream or salve

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by LateBloomer56, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. I purchased a small jar of 100 mg. CBD salve at my local health food store to test on my aching knees. I have had two surgeries on one knee and live part time in rain country which is cold and not kind to aging knees. Anyway, it did help much like Arnica concentrate but the cost $50 was not something I could afford.

    So I researched how to make some at home and am midway thru a small batch from some year old white widow and coconut oil. I will solidify with some melted beeswax and add some essential lavender oil this afternoon when decanting. I will have cooked about 16 oz. in my small crock pot for approx. 20 - 24 hours, trying to get as much CBD as possible.

    Anyone have luck with homemade CBD salve for home pain management uses?
  2. White widow usually has way less than 1 percent cbd in it. Sounds like you are making a THC tincture

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    I will let you know. The white widow when I grew it last summer was pretty potent. I did make some tincture from the same grow earlier this spring for insomnia or pain and it worked nicely. I will let you know. 20170827_160808.jpg
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  4. look into D-limonene oil or black pepper oil to add to your topical too, they can act as a carrier for the thc/cbd etc... use at no more than 10% of your total amount... though I'm not sure, your lavender oil probably serves the same purpose and has linalol in it so...
  5. So far I am pleased with the results. I am testing on my husband's knee which he planted and twisted on a ladder last week. With ice and elevation and the cannabis salve he is walking this morning which is wonderful. I will make another batch in the spring so will look into the D-limonene oil. I added the lavender to improve the earthy smell and it is relaxing, not overpowering. Thank you
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  6. It sounds like it's not just CBD but more THC. Anyway, yes, I make it all the time with great results. Yours looks beautiful! I make mine like yours with coconut, beeswax and lavendar. I decarboxylate at the beginning as well. My neighbors and friends have received great relief from my salve. I tried making cream once and although it was wonderful, I switched to salve because it has a longer shelf life.
  7. Do you think the black pepper oil would as a little heat to the finished product?
  8. I had not thought to decarbonate before the coconut oil mixture. I did that when I made a tincture, but it does make the product smell a bit burned. If the release results amped up the cbd release it would be worth it.
  9. it could add a tiny bit of heat @ a 10% ratio.. certainly something to consider for using on sensitive areas... Take care
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  10. Thanks. I actually like the idea of adding heat. It would be wonderful on the neck or other non sensitive places especially in the winter.
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  11. What a great many folks don't know, is the "lack" of euphoria associated with CBD while remaining effective for pain control (a hall mark of CBD) is achieved by removing one carbon molecule from THC as well. Though you didn't know it, when you let it simmer after previous activation for 24 hours, you effectively "decarboxylized" the existing oil, making a far more "sedative at .5-1gm dose with no anxiety from the THC) to no noticeable euphoria when titrated to such a small dose. Pure sativa's are more difficult for ingestion, but even they can be tamed,
  12. next degradation chain down on the thc scale is cbn ... cbn is very sedative and sleep inducing.

    "Plant derived cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, are created by the cannabis plant through a single enzyme catalyzed reaction. Each cannabinoid has a corresponding enzyme catalyzing their creation. CBN is the only known cannabinoid NOT derived from an enzymatic process; instead CBN is a degradation product, UV light exposure, heating, of THC."

    if you have other info please share it showing how a carbon atom effects thc to the form of cbd= thank you
  13. Your scientific quote ends in "heating, of THC" in reference to "degradation of TCH" my remark was meant to distance "CBD extracts" which most people use for the pain and sedation without euphoria, and that "oxidizing through heat degrades THC TO CBD...and my experience is since the degradation is artificially sped up, hapeens over a period of time according to temp, halting the degradation chain while a small percentage of THC makes the substance into a "healing" AND painkilling sedative. Not to pretend I'm a molecular scientist and know the mathematical modelling of how these catalyzing agents work, but the people who taught me the extraction processes I use (due to PTSD, and Anxiety Attacks since a brain injury, and still have "Dab School" (Hightimes mag, May 2016? maybe '15?) Carla Kay - multiple doctorates - explained it as the symptoms got worse, As an expert in her field, I see no reason for her to lie to me, or be ignorant of the processes she teaches, so I WILL get to the bottom of this!

    In any case, I will try to find the AP molecular catalyzed degradation actions, though an hour a day is about all I can handle. And as I just had both back tires of my only car explode last night, and have had to find and install BS tires to get 30 miles to town in the AM tomorrow, with my health it is CRITICAL to get fixed, or I would work on it. I think we're saying the same thing in different words, nonetheless I will try to "prove?" what I said. K?

    My apologies if that upset you for any reason. I am actually a paid member Bronze or something, but they have me as "new" and I don't want people who don't know me to assume I'm just talking out the side of my neck, or will make things up to "appear" smart. And I have no problem with "I don't know." as many do.

    Peace and Respects,

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    No problem at all.. it is all good... I'm just curious and an Aquarian so lack ability to come across as beating around the bush but just outright say IT regardless of what it might do to others... My apologies

    I'm no molecular scientist either but I myself contain so many molecules I'm an expert nonetheless! But, yeah... as far as I know CBN is the only next break down molecule in the decarboxylation chain of THC... people have purported that cbd will break down into thc in our body too but that is not true... at very high doses cbd can act like thc but will never convert into it after the plant has made cbd from the acids mentioned in that video... please check that if you have time, it totally explains the process... weed maps used to have awesome instructional vids online but now it's all blunts and bling...

    here is one from 2013 about cbn
    Cannabinoid Profile - CBN Cannabinol

    the very last part of this vid gets a little confusing...
  15. Final update. The White Widow salve I made last summer only went to friends and family, as I was told the CBD percentage would be low. It did help a girlfriend with a neck issue, helped with my bad knee after long walks, and helped with my husband's chronic back issues, helped another girlfriend after long hikes. Not a cure all understand, but what the heck are you going to do with older White Widow?

    This spring I ended up making a 2nd batch using the same crock pot (16 hours), slow cooking recipe with coconut oil and beeswax and this time used some lemongrass (smell) and eucalyptus (carrier). I thought about the pepper oil, but have had a reaction to pepper products in over the counter balms, so stayed away.

    I was down to my last jar and am currently using the older salve for chest area being treated with chemotherapy cream, which is brutal approaching the second week. Thanks again for all the great advice!

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