Cannabis Comes To Wall Street: The Next Big Industry?

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    CREDIT: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES | Sunday, June 16, 2013 As of 12:10 PM EDT

  2. Excellent article and how do you pronounce your user name? My browser just shows a bunch of gobbledy-gook.
  3. I know we are supposed to hate corporate weed but if we can get enough greedy rich people to compete against the rich people that keep marijuana illegal prohibition will end,,,no matter what big industry does or how much the politician's greed for revenue becomes there will always be growers with heritage organic marijuana,,there are just too many of us that know how and have seeds stockpiled.
  4. Even if corporations get involved, I think the price will go down. I only hope they won't try to add adulterants to it like they do tobacco. I also hope they don't try to force THC or lesser cannabinoid limits on their growers.
  5. you can always grow yourself after its legalized
  6. Corporate commercial growing will be just fine I think. The amount of oil/wax that could be made will hopefully drive those prices down to like $10-15 a gram. It's just like grocery stores there will still be the little "mom n' pop shops" to get more specific. 
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    Thank you! I came across it on facebook this morning and thought "Hey, I bet people are talking about this on GC, so I ran a search to no avail and decided there really ought to be a thread for it! And here we are!  :D I'm KenjaminK, by the way.  :wave: My current username is an artsy, fancy-ass rendition of it, a product of the new name change feature and courtesy of the vast unicode library. :smoke:  Basically, I got high one day and changed it.  :smoke:
    Yes, we need to fight fallacious lobbying with the truth, grassroots organizations, and some good ol' American spirit! At least that's what I hope you meant to say.  ;) Also, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have some capital floating around the cause, but I'd like to avoid monopolies, keep things local, ensure accountability for quality, etc.
    Definitely. Marijuana doesn't cost near as much to produce as they charge for it on the streets and a rotating grow isn't going to run you that much in overhead, especially if you invest in sustainability, which we all know is supremely necessary in a budding industry during this day and age. I think we need to demand local organically produced products. I will never buy weed with any sort of additive in it. I mean, I would probably buy pre-rolled joints and they'll surely add shit to the paper, but any sort of filler would be unacceptable. I'll grow the shit myself before I'll smoke any weed coated in cancer. Also, I really doubt they'd destroy the marketability of THC levels, which are usually bogus to begin with, by setting some arbitrary limitation when there's no really good reason why you might anyway, not that some people in politics pay attention to whether or not they have good reasons for what they do.  :rolleyes: 
  8. If I was an investor I wouldn't be putting any money in.  Sure there's a ton of money to be made in weed now, but there's a huge risk involved that drives the price up.
    A few hundred dollars for an ounce weed?  An ounce?!  I can get a bag of 25 avocados from the dude on the corner for $5.   
  9. If it's going to turn out anything like California's medicinal system, the greedy scalpers, there's not much risk unless you aren't in accordance with state law or the federal government changes their mind. Even then, it'd be no riskier than a black market operation, other than losing some extra rent money for the storefront.  :confused_2: 
  11. I think you can look to the Facebook IPO to get a good sense how "open" Wall Street money-making opportunities really are.

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