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Cannabis Chocolate

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by leastunhappy, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Good evening lovely folks!

    I'm hoping to try and make my own cannabis chocolate, and from my understanding, you must use cacao/cocoa powder, soy lecithin powder, cacao/cocoa butter, honey etc, with of course the cocoa butter being cannabis-infused.

    I'm then aware it must be tempered, otherwise, it will be chewy and melt easily etc, am I able to follow a regular youtube video to temper the chocolate to something somewhat comparable to store-bought chocolate? If not, what's the best way to make weed-infused chocolate?

    Many thanks for any and all suggestions!
  2. Those chocolates can be made much more easily:
    1. Decarb herb @ 240 F for 40 min using a verifying thermometer.
    2. Grind to fine powder. The finer, the better.
    3. Melt enough chocolate chips to give the desired final batch size.
    4. Blend decarbed herb powder and a roughly equal weight of lecithin (liquid is easier) together, and pre-heat mixture to 220 F on a stove top.
    5. Bake at that temp for 40-60 minutes.

    Leaving the herb in the chocolates will make them noticeably stronger.

    Here's a trial size recipe you could use to see how you like it. It can be scaled up/down by any factor.
    (2 g Decarbed Herb Powder) + (2 g Lecithin) + (78 g Chocolate Chips) = 8*(10 g Chocolates) + (2 g Waste)

    Assuming good 15% thc herb, each chocolate will have (2 g)*(150 mg THC/g)/8 = 38 mg ~ 40 mg

    The chocolates can be made any size, and 10 g is convenient.
    There could be slight herb taste, but enough chocolate should mask the herb taste well.
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  3. If you cannot get molds for the chocolate easily I liked to use a silicone ice cube tray I picked up at a random grocery store, someone mentioned it as a tip once to me so I kept looking for them, found it in a random aisle. I used confectioners sugar dusted onto the tray to act as a release agent and it would be nice too, cut the bitterness since I'd use relatively dark chocolate.
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  4. Fantastic! Thanks that sounds much easier, just to clarify a few things you said there.. when you say pre heat the mixture, are you referring to the chocolate mixture? Then adding in the blended herb powder once it’s preheated ? And when you say bake, are you referring to baking the whole mixture in an oven? Or on a stove top?

    Many thanks!!
  5. Thank you for the tips man! Luckily I’ve been able to get some chocolate moulds online! Good luck with your thing!
  6. I do this frequently using home made nutella instead of chocolate.
    I have several metal 1 cup measuring cups with handles to use on the stove top, and a toaster oven with an accurate thermometer to bake this in.

    Because there is no easy way to know the true time-average temperature of a blob of oil, chocolate, or nut butter inside a hot oven, accurate infusing (assuming that's necessary) can't be done without pre-heating.

    Mix together all the ingredients (herb+chocolate+lecithin), then very quickly heat on a stove top, while stirring with a candy thermometer, until the temp reaches 220 F, then put container into a pre-heated 220 F oven.

    I've done this on a stove top when I didn't have a good toaster oven by continuing to stir with a thermometer while adjusting heat, but it's a giant pain.
  7. I have had great success using the following recipe:

    2 grams grinder hash (50% THC) =1000mg THC

    Decarb hash 240 F 40 Minutes
    add minute amt coconut oil to "wet" hash
    heat 220F 20 minutes

    2 X 100 grams chocolate bar

    In a double boiler set-up: melt Chocholate then add "wet hash" and oil
    1 tsp lecithin

    Mix quickly and then pour into two chocolate bar shaped candy molds:

    Break down

    1000 mg TCH 40 pieces 25 mg each.
  8. Bud infused lecithin coconut oil mix + chocolate = easiest.

    Bring both to melting point, mix, pour into molds, or onto a plate / parchment paper, chill and enjoy.

    I don't worry about tempering it, that likes a bit like pretentious chocolatier stuff, I think one of the reasons they do that is to get the right shine on the outside. It's kinda like the bag appeal of the chocolate world.

    I'm a big fan of infused coconut oil, works in almost anything. Space cake, curry, ice cream... Me and a mate made a space cheese cake once, it was too much, I've never been scared of a food before. I was locked to the couch and my brain felt like galaxies merging.

    I don't even bother trying to work out ug/mg ratios; I don't see the point if I don't have a real figure to input, it's all just guestimation so I just wing it with my edibles.

    It's be great to have the ability to test percentages at home, without having to do a science degree...

    Would be nice to do a cacao butter infusion, but then it kinda limits what end products can be made which is why I like how coconut oil works in almost anything.
  9. Not quite the easiest.
    Costco chocolate chips in my cupboard are about 30% fat.
    Instead of adding coconut oil, which will decrease solidarity of the final product, just use a bit more chocolate, even though that's unnecessary.
    It doesn't matter whether the oil comes from coconut, or from the oil in the chocolate.
  10. So
    so you can infuse the decarbed hash with the chocolate? How long do I boil/bake the chocolate + hash mix for?
  11. I've made a lot of edibles using BrassNwood's excellent method, which uses a 220 F infusion temp.
    Mostly cookies and nutella spread.
    Although almond butter is higher in fat than chocolate (about 60% compared to 30%), there's still plenty of oil in a few grams of plain chocolate.
    Putting it differently, infusing 1/4 g herb into 3.75 g or more nutella, works very well.
    My home made nutella is about 45% oil compared to around 30% for chocolate, but they should work about equally well.

    220 F for 20-60 min will produce a good infusion.
    But 220 F for 90+ min destroys too much thc for my liking.
    Anything between 20-60 min works well for me, with a slight advantage to 60 min.

    But it's possible that most infusion methods work fine, and that lecithin is the key.
  12. I think most of the edible makers here on the City agree that Lecithin takes the edible to a whole new realm of power and duration so take care the first few times sampling edibles made with it.
    I feel it doubles the strength and more then doubles the duration of the effects.

    The basic recipe I lifted from BadKats thread years ago is as follows.

    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes uncovered.

    5 grams of decarbed Kief or Hash.
    2.5 teaspoons Coconut oil
    1/2 teaspoon Lecithin. (any kind)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Freeze (optional)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes (skip if you didn't freeze)


    Can scale it up or down as desired. This will give you a tablespoon of very potent highly bioavailable oil that can be used directly or blended with more oil for baked goods.

    For direct use start with 1 drop. Wait 2 hours. Take 2 more drops. Wait 2 hours. Repeat as needed until stoned.

    This has the consistency of paste more then oil and small amounts should blend with Chocolate with no real change in texture of the finished morsels but I'm just going off the top of my head. Real world testing is the only way to know for sure. I'd try both and see if the straight chocolate extraction has the same punch as the base line coconut oil recipe does.
    Since the Hash oil is finished all the Chocolate needs is enough heat to blend the cannna and pour into molds

    BadKats original recipe is the baseline I compare everything else against since it's the top of the list IME.

  13. My simple recipe

    3.5 grams of weed.
    100 grams of dark chocolate
    Grind weed and mix into melted chocolate.

    I use silicon molds (emoji faces) 3 for $10 Amazon/ eBay

    Each chocolate weighs about 4 grams giving 25 chocolates roughly
    Making each of my math is correct roughly 12-16mg of thc in each
    I haven’t tried the lecithin yet in the process
  14. H
    hi BNW.

    for the hash oil recipe involving 5g hash, 2.5g oil, .5g lecithin. Can I just clarify some things before I go ahead and make some..

    decarb the hash, then mix with lecithin and oil right? Or do you add the lecithin during the decarb?

    also, how many drops should I add to each 0 sized capsule?

  15. Decarb hash.
    Place decarbed hash, Coconut oil and lecithin in dish.

    Each (0) capsule can hold up to 25 drops of hash, Coconut oil but that is a big dose @ 80mg.

    For new users to find their sweet spot I make up a few 1 drop capsules.
    Take 1 drop and wait 2 hours. If not stoned take 2 more. Wait 2 hours. Not stoned take 4 more. Again wait 2 more hours. Continue until stoned. Keep track of how many drops it took.
    Now you have a baseline to work from on dosing.

  16. You the man!
  17. Hi! New member here and this discussion is exactly what I was hoping to find. I'm a bean to bar chocolate maker. I do the whole bean to bar thing from roasting through molding the final product. I also do molded filled chocolates. I'm interested in learning more about cannabis chocolate, more for recreational than medicinal use. I do have a small business selling my chocolates but I'm not interested in dealing with the regulations and risks of adding cannabis products to my sales line. This will strictly be for personal use for me and my friends. I have the equipment to grind and refine anything I put in it to below 20 microns which renders it completely smooth to the tongue. So no matter how I go about getting the thc into the chocolate, it won't be detectable as a texture. I'm wondering if adding the decarbed kief or hash and the lecithin (which I use in some formulas anyway) from the above recipe directly to my melanger with the chocolate ingredients and without the coconut oil would work. There's more than enough cocoa butter in the chocolate to compensate for the coconut oil unless there's something specific to the coconut oil that's essential to the recipe. Coconut oil has a eutectic effect when combined with cocoa butter, it lowers the melting point of the combined result below that of either fat alone. The result from adding the small amount of coconut oil in the above recipe would be very small but eliminating it would be even better if that's an option. I've considered using a purchased thc oil, the high thc to very small amount of oil and knowing precisely how much thc was in a batch seemed worth looking into for this purpose but I don't really know much about those. Is that a viable option?
  18. Anything that contains a significant fraction of oil will work, including nut butters, nutella, and chocolate.
    Just eating decarbed weed will work to a certain extent.
    Your biggest hurdle will be to keep herb taste out of the chocolate.
    Kief is certainly better for that, as are quick alcohol wash ethanol washes.
    I use flower with nutella spread, 1/4 g herb in a 4 g nutella serving, and it tastes bad, but I don't care.
  19. Minimizing the flavor impact is definitely a consideration. One thing I considered is making the bars with a higher than what may normally be desirable thc content so it comes in at a desirable level when using the bars to make ganache fillings for chocolates. That would allow for flavored ganaches that would further mask any taste.
  20. Some procedures recommend grinding the flower before decarbing. I'm wondering two things, first does this reduce the oven time or temp requirements for decarbing, and second, is more THC lost compared to grinding after decarbing?

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