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Cannabis Caused Death? What Do You Think?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by IronLungToker, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Lazy Coroner is my guess.
    Damn sure half a doobie wouldn't do it. They should test my blood if they want to see what a really high level is.
    Stupid fucks. My own Doc ran the test 3 times as nobody could believe the numbers. :)
    The test lab kept assuming they'd screwed the test badly somehow.
    Just how much cannabis do you take every day Sir ??
    Let's do the math.
    5 grams of dry ice hash gets me 30 caps. I take 8 per day in coconut oil and it's max bioavailability. Normal people find a drop or 2 of my oil to be to much.
    1 drop will overwhelm my wife. 25 drops per cap and I take 8 per day. so 200 drops.
    I gotta call BS on it.
    This is massive cannabis use.
    Not half a joint.
    Send em my way and they can test MY blood and compare against her

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  2. Yup, the Daily Mail is always a go-to for in depth, unbiased reporting....:rolleyes:
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  3. It's bullshit. Half a joint didn't kill her, something else did.
  4. I thought so aswell, nice to see fucked up shit being spread by our media.
  5. "Tests of her vital organs found nothing wrong with them although it was suggested she might have suffered a cardiac arrest triggered by cannabis toxicity"
    cardiac arrest is the cause of death. it's something that can happen to just about anyone for a billion different reasons and a lot of time has 0 explaination as to why it happened.
    If her cause of death was truly from cannabis i imagine there would be far more media uproar about this and a far more detailed report of her death. all this is, is dragging someone through the mud after they died so you they claim weed is bad. not only that but the amount they claim killed her is absurd they say she smoked half a joint. if half a joint could kill someone this site literally would not exist as we would all be dead. it also seems like whenever i see these some one died from cannabis articles it's someone in the uk from ages 30 to 35 who died in there sleep from a very small amount of cannabis.

    the article is bullshit.
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  6. Thank you for posting this. I going to pull out my food processor and do the exact same thing. What an amazing idea.

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  7. I think the entire article is bullshit. The woman is a made up person. A total and complete fabrication from word number one. Put out by ass-hat conservative anti pot propagandist. Not one single word of truth. Not unusual for the Daily Fail.
  8. Daily mail at it again :laughing:

    Heading towards onion status.
  9. lol
    People will believe anything
  10. This is from 2014. Wasn't proper news then. Still isn't now. As a general rule, The Daily Mail is a right wing shit show.
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  11. If she died from heart attack then she did not died of cannabis poisoning, but from one of cannabis side effects who is augmented heart rate

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