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Cannabis Careers

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Business and Industry News' started by Msw0711, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. hello,

    I'm looking to further my career in marketing cannabis. I was just wondering there is a specific school or cannabis specific program I should attend or should I just attend a regular marketing program? I'm just not sure where to look. I'm currently enrolled in cannabis training university just to learn as much as I can about MMJ just not sure where to start.
  2. I hate to tell you....but Cannabis markets itself. Put up a sign (all the marketing needed) ...open the door...and they come.

    Get a degree in Marketing at a real University...not a Cannabis College. You can then apply that degree/knowledge to a cannabis "career" IF the opportunity arises. Those cannabis "colleges" aren't real schools and won't prepare you for all employment avenues you may face in the future. Keep in mind that most jobs in this industry are minimum wage jobs with a revolving door of folks in line to take those jobs. Again.....grab the knowledge needed at a real school..then apply that Marketing knowledge to Cannabis......don't focus on Cannabis and then find out it's a dead end later and be screwed by having no other options... (nobody knows what will happen once all the states go legal....but the pie/take will get thin, for sure)

    I guarantee you.... that on the few times we've ventured to the dispensary....nobody we've encountered working there has any further education. It's just another hourly job. (I did see a guy "Marketing" juice drinks and giving away free/cheap sunglasses from a folding table one day though)

    Never say never....but proceed with caution. You could waste a lot of time chasing something that just isn't there.
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  3. Obviously it markets itself there are tons of products and good that market themselves to a certain point. But I'm not talking about being a budtender. I'm talking about creating a product or growing my own strain and marketing the crap out of it. Did you know managers of dispensaries start at around 60k per year. I appreciate the feedback and I do agree a regular university may be better but I'm still going to try to find SOME specific education based on marijuana.
  4. Incorrect. Have you been out to Colorado? The competition there is absolutely fierce and the ones who advertise and market themselves better get more customers. There are publications solely dedicated to coupons for various dispensaries. If a dispensary wants to be successful and not close down from competition, you better believe they gotta have a damn good marketing plan to do so.
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  5. Getting some marijuana education can't hurt, but getting a degree from a university will definitely help as well. Also if you are talking about growing your own strain, I hope you have a very very large sum of money ready. In order to apply for grow permits and get legal, you are going to be spending A LOT of money, and depending what state you go to, you then are going to have some crazy competition.

    I am starting to try to get a job at a dispensary in my state with a very limited medical program and it is tough, slowly networking and trying to get my name in front of the right people. Also, I have a BA in Marketing so I understand where you are coming from
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  7. gtfo with your funny ass, I'm trying to further my education here don't shit on people for having ideas if you don't have anything nice to say please stop replying cuz idgaf what you have to say about marketing marijuana.
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  8. If you knew WTF you were talking about and had ANY idea what this industry is like....

    you wouldn't be here asking for guidance, you'd be making it happen. As it is...yer already years too late.
  9. @beensmokin Yes, in an area with little to no competition "up in the hills" there is less need for aggressive marketing of your business but it is just like any other business. If you are in a heavy competition area, such as denver, the only things that will make you stand out and succeed in such a competitive environment is quality of product, location and marketing. For example, one of the closest dispensaries to the airport offers a "Pot Tourism" package where they pick you up on a bus, take you to that dispensary so you can purchase things and then into Denver where you need to go. That marketing helps them get a direct stream of people straight from the airport before they see just how many dispensaries there are.
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    You have to make yourself stand out from the pile of 50+ other resumes. Look through want ads to see what kind of skills growers, edible makers and retailers want. None of it is rocket science so as always it comes down to connections, which will beat the best resumes.

    I'm sure you can get in as a trimmer somewhere, which you may have to do for months. I did that for a short stint just to see what it was like, but I could make 3 times the money using my degree in other industries.

    The real money is in ownership or being a master grower, but start up costs for a business are in the hundreds of thousands. Other weed industry jobs are satisfying, but low paying.
  11. it markets itself now, but the furure could hold a different deal.
  12. You may be better off looking at your own tourist venture either from scratch or purchasing an existing business.

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