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Cannabis, Asthma And Insomnia

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by dour siesel, May 30, 2013.

  1. Hello, I was wondering if there was anyone like me and used cannabis to treat asthma and insomnia. I notice in the evening maybe my chest will feel tight so ill hit my inhaler but the problem with that is it keeps me awake for HOURS on end and usually i won't be able to stay asleep once i get there. But after smoking a snap my asthma subsides immediately and i can get to sleep and for some reason i wake up pretty early in the morning feeling great. Anybody else in my situation? 

  2. yeah, although for asthma i'd strongly recommend vaporising 
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  3. I've been looking into affordable vaporizers. Hopefully come christmas time i can get a nice one for myself. 
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    Like dour siesel says though some of us are sensitive enough we don't even like vaping.   I use a tincture and am off the steroids and everything else for almost 2 years now. 
    You do know that Asthma treatment was one of the earlier (Vedic Medicine) uses for Yin Ma and was included as a known effective use the first time it was written about in the Lancet.
  5. good thing is they pay for themselves in the long run, but as asthmatic above me has said, tinctures or edibles could be a good option till you can afford one. 
  6. i have asthma although not very bad just mild, it only kicks in when i get sick. but i have very bad insomnia.  i can never sleep and it really sucks, marijuana has really helped with my insomnia more than prescription pills ever did.
  7. There is no better drug for insomnia.  I've tried just about everything there is and the only thing that even comes close to working is cannabis
  8. The only bad thing I've experienced from using weed as a sleep aid is it's super hard for me to sleep without it
  9. Yeah, i know how it is. it can be almost impossible for me to sleep without that danky dank. 

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