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cannabis as a quit smoking aid?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PMoney, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. so i just quit smoking cigarettes and i gotta admit for the first few hours of the day i was feeling pretty bad, as i had only had one cigarette last night and made the decision to quit. but i loaded up a bowl of some nice mids and within 15 minutes of hitting the bowl the desire for nicotine was completely gone. i know it seems a little pointless trying to quit smoking and still smoking weed, but i'm investing in a vaporizer soon so that solves that issue. does anyone else recall pot ever helping them in getting over addictions?
  2. if it helps you go for it man. i seen weird quitting aid as doing push ups when feeling the urge to smoke, try rolling with tabaco leaf (blunts)
  3. Cannabis definitely helped me when I quit smoking. It relieved the oral fixation of wanting to smoke while at the same time distracting me away from the withdrawals. Cannabis has also helped me with another addiction which was a lot stronger than smoking, but it didn't make it nearly as easy as it was with cigarettes.
  4. I always have heard the opposite from my buddies who are trying to quit. They will smoke a bowl or something and want to have a cigarette even more so. Im not a nicotine smoker and never have been so its interesting what the case could be. If it helps you then right on :p
  5. its the line between cancer and not cancer.
  6. I smoked for a solid year (and a little before) and just recently stopped buying cigs completely. If you make it seem like a tough task, it will be. All I did was stop, didn't even think about it, just didn't buy them when I was at the station. Know you can quit, because you can, and you will.

    Btw, I used to smoke more cigs when I was high than I did when I wasn't.
  7. If you quit cigs, it's gotta be cold turkey. so keep substituting weed for cigs and you should be good
  8. My personal experience is, that when I'm stoning, I don't really feel the need for smoking.

    But I think you would just end up replacing an addiction with another addiction.
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  10. I didn't smoke anything before I started using MJ for my ailments from my disease. But since I've started... I've been able to cut my pain meds in half! And believe me, we are NOT talking some wimpy Tylenol or Advil here!!!

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