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Cannabis & Anxiety...remedies?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by p3dsman, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. I will try my best to describe this for my friend, whom I truly feel for...

    When younger, my friend smoked casually and socially

    One day my friend gets anxiety attack from smoking, not too much, but a "normal" amount. Now every time the anxiety comes after smoking.

    Ever since then this person wants to smoke again, comfortably, but can't because of that lingering fear of the anxiety attack.

    This person's been to the ER twice because of the anxiety attack get's so overwhelming. That's how bad it is. It will come on randomly, could be ten seconds or ten minutes after smoking.

    Any suggestions that I can tell my friend or someone experienced the same? If my friend smokes more that a toke or two, the high is ruined and it's a long night.

    Thanks all.
  2. maybe he could get a script for some xanax or kpins those help with my anxiety ALOT
  3. I completely agree, thanks for the fast reply too. It's just the fact is he's stubborn and only like's natural "safe" stuff :p believe me I think if just the right person said the right thing it would help a lot. I know this sounds weird, but maybe something to get out of that endless anxiety loop.... the faster heartbeat, then comes the anxiety, and back and forth, it's really wierd.
  4. It may be that because he got that atack once when smoking, psychologically he relates the 2 events. I know one time I had a gas line in my car break when i was listening to a certain song, and because of the shock of the experience, for the next few years every time I heard the damn song I would smell gas. Pavlov would be proud.

    For your buddy, maybe find some sort of exotic tea, and tell him it's some sort of natural hippy anti-anxiety. it might just work out.
  5. Maybe check out the 'Disease specific MMJ strain list' thread in the Medical Marijuana forum?
    Good stuff.

  6. Thanks for the replies so far...

    ...he said another thing to me that I don't know if it affects the scenario. But when he was 18, he had a hit of acid, and said that the anxiety problem occured after smoking about three weeks after his trip. The trip apparently wasn't that strong, just enough to cause some visual stuff but nothing major. So my guess is it's a psychological thing....just how the hell do you overcome it?

    I know there is a solution for him, he says it just really sux not being able to enjoy something you want to and used to.

    Thanks all. :rolleyes:
  7. i also started having anxiety attacks with weed after doing acid. i feel horrible - it's like i lost my best friend. sobriety sucks

  8. Placebo's do work in alot os cases The Mind is powerful! The more you think about having a anxiety attack the more likely it will happen. If they would just relax and maybe not smoke as much at first, maybe gradually increase the dose until they are comfortable, kinda like facing a fear of heights by standing on the first step of a ladder then the next day or so the 2nd step until wow im on top of the ladder! :smoking:
  9. There's ways to treat this.
    Tell him to not be afraid to ask his doctor, although I think if he tells him it's from smoking herb, the doctor may be sketchy.
    There's Prozac, Zanex, Lexipro, and many other medicines that treat anxiety, depression, and in my case, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

    I take Prozac if you were wondering, and if you have good insurance, you can get generic brands for free. =)
  10. Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Paranoia and Increased heart beat can be caused from over exposure. Or mabye your buddy has some other shit going on and when he smokes he swells on some shit. I wouldn't take other drugs to be able to smoke. Or just try hash or edibles.
  11. Your friend should just avoid smoking cannabis. It's not for everyone; some people get no effect or an adverse effect.

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