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Cannabis and Visual Effects

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Im Bored, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Ok so, I wanted to know if anyone else gets any visual effects from using weed. When I smoke weed there are very clear and distinct visual effects. And not just when I am "stoned" either, I mean even if I am only just high.

    The one visual effect I get EVERY time is depth perception changes. I'll walk into a room and it will seem bigger or smaller than what I know it really is.

    I was just wondering if anybody else experiences this. Because nobody ever really talk about it.
    ...and no, the weed I smoke isnt laced...
  2. Visual effects no, depth perception yes i get that only when im really stoned tho
  3. I get some crazyy tunnel vision sometimes when I get really high from a sativa.
  4. Sometimes when I smoke alot I see alot slower.
  5. Yeah thats another one I get
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    Ive only had this after using a certain drug we cant discuss on here. I smoke and now i get EVs and CEVs. Mostly happens in the dark.

    BOO Its the shadow man!
  7. I see things in frames a lot, especially when I'm driving. I also experience abnormal amounts of afterimages.
  8. [quote name='"E4u2H8J9"']I see things in frames a lot, especially when I'm driving. I also experience abnormal amounts of afterimages.[/quote]

    I get the same thing. It kinda feels like I'm constantly blinking. Normally happens when I get incredibly baked.
  9. Only when really stoned. Sometimes I feel like life is lagging. Everything just goes frame by frame.
  10. For me, colors become more vibrant and everything looks like a 3d storybook... But that's just me
  11. I've talked about this in another thread too... The way I used to know I was high was I would just look at my hand. When I get high my depth perception changes too and my hand will look bigger or smaller.

    I get depth perception changes.
    Spakly or shiny vision. If you know what i mean?
    If I'm outside smoking everything seems brighter once I'm high.

    I've also had amazing closed eye visuals, and open eye visuals. Whenever I smoke any kind of goo strain like blue goo, raspberry goo, or strawberry goo I get the sparkly/shiny vision and I also get the closed and open eye visuals.

    My open eye visual was pretty fucking awsome. I was listening to some Jimi in my room in the dark and all of a sudden I pictured a projection of Jimi singing the song. It was like looking at a 3D projection. It was him on stage doing his thing, but the weirdest part was that it looked faded... like the way it looks when they show old recorded Jimi performances.

    I explain my closed eye one in that other thread if anyone cares to find it....
  12. Really?

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  13. I don't know how to explain them... They are different visuals than unmentionables. For example, my first time eating firecrackers (I had 2 grams of weed in them), I put a blanket over my head (idk why) and the blanket blocked most of my vision with darkness, but I could still see a little light out of the corner of my eye, where the blanket was not covering.

    Then it was almost like I zoomed out. The blanket began to appear as though I was in a dome... I cannot explain it. I felt as though I was in a big HUGE dome, and I could literally see detailed brick patterns. It was crazy. And that light in the corner of my eye turned into a crack in the dome.

    I know it might not sound super cool, but it was actually amazing and very pleasant.
  14. I never get visuals like I do on unmentionables. I just got a chick high for the first time in her life the other day (she is in her 30's) and she was saying she was seeing all kinds of shit. She has never done unmentionables so she is not farmiliar with full on visuals, but I could tell she was definitely seeing some shit. She was SUPER stoned. It was hilarious. :D
  15. Please.... For the love of God tell me you have vids...
  16. No, can't say that has ever happened.

    I want some of your shit.:cool:
  17. Sometimes things pop out more and catch my attention. Like the other day me and a friend were blazing on my padio at night and the trees looked so awesome against the dark sky. Also sometimes the rooms im in feel like they're on a TV set and behind me is no wall. Idk how to explain it when im not high lol brb :bongin:
  18. first time i smoked sativa it was some medical grade stuff. colors were more vibrant, and the energy rush was like no other. ive tried certain unmentionable fungi before so it obviously wasnt as powerful, but maybe it was the energy that made everything seem brighter.
  19. my night vision gets better. well just my over all vision does.
  20. Same here man and rep for the sig my nig

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