Cannabis and the zombie would you guard your genetics?

Discussion in 'General' started by travel2much, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Tell me what you would grab in a minutes notice to ensure you would have quality weed through the zombie Apocolyps....
  2. I'd grab guns to kill the zombies.
    Then return to my house and enjoy growing my plants in peace because I opted to kill the zombies FIRST.
    Obviously. GG.
    pretty much that 
  4. growing weed would be the last thing on my list of priorities
  5. depending on the circumstances i'd either just grow a shit ton outdoors along with some food like apples n tomatoes...hiding out in the woods gradually salvaging supplies and building up a safe haven in said woods...knowing where places are that currently sell things like storm shelters and "safe rooms" can be quite useful...
    I used to go to a 10 mile nature trail running through the woods on one end of town...walk it with one of my best friends and we'd brainstorm what to do for the apocalypse... theres a place near the trail, off a main road, thats a 2-story open-layout office building, maybe 2500-3000 sq ft, and a similarly sized private parking area encircled with almost 15 ft tall concrete wall and connected to the building. All we'd hafta do is secure the front windows, about 40 ft wide section of glass panes, maybe weld metal panels over the framework...or brick the windows in, perhaps...also know all the hardware stores in the area, lol...
    once security is established and i'm just doing salvage and survival ops, you damn right I'm going to start growing out in that parking  area...gotta have a hobby, even after the world ends. right?
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    Another thread has changed my outlook on zombies.

    What if they were 28 weeks zombies.
    Last thing on my mind would be weed

    It would be a good pair of nikes lol
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    28 weeks are not zombies. Those are beasts .

    Now imagine zombies from I am legend.

    What would happen if you got a zombie high? Like if you kept him in a room and hotboxed the crap out of it, would he not want to eat you, or would he get the MUNCHIES :)))

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  8. I'd just keep doing what I already do.
    The real zombie apocalypse is already here. Braindead masses absorbed into their phones 24/7 rather than the world around them.
  9. There would be nothing better to do than smoke weed and hunt for porn mags.

    WTF else are you going to do? Family? Career?

    None of that matters anymore.
  10. Eh survive lol
    Im sure you would want a clear head if you face that every day.

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    lol you just made me realize i need to keep some seeds in my bugout bag, fucking great man, thank you.
    if you can't grow them, I'm sure they could come in handy bartering if it really comes down to shit like that.

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