Cannabis and Schizophrenia?

Discussion in 'General' started by TokerTy91, May 30, 2009.

  1. Today I watched "A Beautiful Mind" with Russell Crowe for the second time (the first time I saw it I didn't know what schizophrenia was), and it was a very good movie. I have come here to ask the question about the use between cannabis and schizophrenia.

    It seems that there is some evidence that cannabis use and schizophrenia are correlated, but there has been no proven causal mechanism. (Correlation does not necessarily imply causation.)

    I use every once in a while, not heavily, just occasionally. I just don't really know whether my use may trigger psychosis. I just hear that cannabis may trigger latent schizophrenia for those that are at risk.

    My Statistics:


    *No family history of schizophrenia/psychotic disorders. (I have not heard of or met a single person in my family that has had a psychotic disorder.)
    *Have never had symptoms of psychosis. (Never had delusions/hallucinations/strange behavior or other psychotic symptoms)
    *Have never had serious/unmanageable anxiety problems (Anxiety is part of life sometimes, and I like everyone else have been anxious at times.)


    *Slight Dysthymia (Persistent moderately low to low mood for 2 or more years, I am in treatment, by seeing a clinical psychologist)
    *Nicotine Use (Cigarette Smoking)
    *Used to use oxycodone
  2. There aren't that many detailed studies with MJ because it is considered a schedule 1 drug in most places (even though it's less harmful than cigarettes...go figure:smoke:), but there is a possibility of triggering Schizophrenia in individuals that are prone to it (no definitive proof mind you).

    Your chances for a mental illnesses of any kind are dependent on several factors, both internal [genetic vulnerability; & external [e.g.: environmental factors: drug use, diet, repetitive head injury, past/present experiences, etc.].

    On the genetic side: your chances for developing a mental illness are in relation to the number of past relatives with a disorder. Since you say that no one in your family has had any mental illnesses, you should be in the clear. If you are really that worried, see if you can trace back to your great grandparents, but that is not really necessary.

    Your prior use of aforementioned substances don't really matter (though it's best to lay off anything "hard"/ sick with "soft" drugs for occasional use if you must indulge).
    Hope this helps/ask about anything else if you need to.:D
  3. you shouldnt be worried.. theres a search button too... anyway i agree a beautiful mind was a great movie

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