Cannabis and Psychosis

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  1. Thoughts. Experience. Anecdotes. Please, do share
    I'll be here.
  2. Just run of the mill reality based paranoia
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  3. In short, THC binds to the same receptors as anandamide, which is your bodies own natural antipsychotic endocannabinoid. THC usage can lower anandamide levels, both chronically and acutely, and can therefore bring out a preexisting psychosis in predisposed individuals.

    CBD seems to act as an anandamide break down and re-uptake inhibitor, increasing anandamide levels and decreasing psychotic symptoms in some individuals.
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  4. Peer reviewed medical articles? Or just stoners boasting their favorite hobby? I'm familiar with anandamine studies, those are widely peer reviewed with the same base conclusion.
  5. I don't get paranoid but I do 'hear' noises that I at least know aren't real. I have one friend who had to give up weed because she would hear people knocking at the door every time she smoked and thought it was the police...
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    I'll speak my anecdote. I'm prone to psychosis. Excessive consumption of high lemonene and pinene strains can spin me out hard. It presents as distorted memories and false analysis of present situations. Yeah I get hallucinations, but I've practiced for that shit with plenty of other mind altering substances. I get those when I'm stone sober, they can fuck right off. Never trust a psychiatrist that green lights cannabis use. Unless you're willing to go through the bad shit so you know what the good shit is for you

    And some actual science! 4 cited and repeated research studies.
    Is there a link between marijuana use and psychiatric disorders? | National Institute on Drug Abuse

  7. I have never had any psychosis except for the time a supposed friend sold me and my friend a joint that was laced with angel dust or PCP. Scared the crap out of me. I could've have killed him.
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  8. Dude those are never fun! I haven't seen that since before decriminalization in Oregon. Safe access is a must, otherwise people get fucked up just trying to get stoned.
  9. Theres a few unanswered questions in that study. How do they know people who are suicidal or who drink don't also use weed more as a coping mechanism? Why assume weed causes those? They also claim people with certain genes experience psychosis. At what rate do people with that gene experience it without weed? That isn't said. I'm honestly not really sure what they are arguing except don't smoke.
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  10. It can lead to temporary psychosis from what I've read and seen, it can also lead to physical sickness.

    I call those, "black dots on the Sun" because it is rare...Like dragons.:coolalt:
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    Like anything else…
    Cannabis is not for everyone. Educate yourself and make a decision that’s best for your situation :thumbsup:

    Did I miss the third and fourth study in that paper? I saw two listed, but I could be mistaken

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