Cannabis and my asthma

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  1. Hey guys, I have asthma and like to use cannabis. Lately I've been into dabbing and it's been pretty nice, aside from some occasional asthma attacks that were pretty mild and didn't require an inhaler. Yesterday I had a really bad one where I considered going to the hospital. I don't want to stop using cannabis so I'm looking for suggestions on alternative methods to consume all of this wax I just bought. I avoid edibles because of my food allergies and the lack of regulation doesn't make me feel safe at all.

    So, heres is a rundown of my limitations

    Food allergies (nuts, coconut, turkey, gluten)

    And here's what I'd like to do

    Find an alternative method to consume the $100 worth of wax I just bought as dabbing seems to be too dangerous for me.
  2. I can sell you some gluten free weed but it'll cost yoiu $7000 an oz. Or like, just vape.
  3. Haha, I'll take it. But seriously, I was including my food allergies so if anyone was going to suggest what to do with the wax to make it edible, they would know what I need to avoid. I was not trying be an in your face "I can't have gluten!!" type of person.
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  4. Prob edibles are gonna be the best route for you mate
  5. Look up recipes for gluten free edibles
  6. Sorry, I suppose I should clarify. Gluten isn't really the issue, it's more of trying to find a solution on how to transform something that was made for inhalation into an edible form. I was just trying to avoid the "just buy edibles" answers since I've already invested 100 bucks into this wax.

    Looking for more of an asnwer on how to make it edible while avoiding those allergens.

    But I will definitely be searching through some gluten-free recipes haha.
  7. Don't dab to the point where you start to get paranoid. Adrenaline dump and stress hormones may affect your asthma. Use enough to feel medicated and enjoy.
  8. Make a tincture, then you can use it sublingually or put in food/drink for edible.
  9. Buy a cheap atomizer. It's a wand battery, heating element, globe. Pop off the globe, drop a dab sized amount of wax on the heating element, pop the globe back on and you're ready to hit it.

    The great thing about an atomizer or vape is that you can regulate how much you take in. Know this, the harder you hit it the more air mixes with your hit. It also cools the element. In this way it might not set your asthma off?

    Edit: being a bumble fuck pecker wood I can't spell well enough for auto correct to have even the remotest clue what I was saying....

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