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Cannabis and its relation to Psychosis

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Definitely Ambiguous, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. There are few that are aware of the impact that cannabis use can have on the psyche and although I am pro use there are some things that are in need of being examined further. Coming from a background of medical study (going into the field of neurology) the use of cannabis gives a similar effect to a minor form of psychosis, this is an aspect of cannabis that still needs more conclusive evidence through studies and trials but there have been links through some studies that have shown the use between the younger age group can increase the risk from heavy use for a disposition to a greater form of psychosis if the person already has a disposition for mental illness. What I am trying to point out is that although there are many positive aspects to cannabis we have yet to concrete cannabis as a cure all and this is something we should pay attention to as a community focusing around cannabis, if you guys find medical articles/journals that suggest what I have said otherwise please link them here so that I can read them and of course so that others can read them as well.

    Here is a medical journal I have found from Cambridge that links cannabis to the effects of psychosis the only downside is that it does have to be paid for, but there are studies out there that have linked the cannabis effects to a minor form of psychosis (which is the high)

    Effects of cannabis and psychosis vulnerability in daily life: an experience sampling test study
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    Off the top of my head i will say that drugs including marijuana can all induce psychosis. and i did just google psychosis and it says ("A mental disorder characterized by a disconnection from reality.") the most vague description possible, nevertheless. and is that not what drugs are used for? escapism, arguably enlightenment. Though reality is all a mindset to me. And some may experience reality as something outside of their mind set, set in stone. Perception is a paradigm of reality.

    i.e- what i do multiplies itself into every aspect of life and how the next moment is affected, the last reflected and or present unraveled. So somewhere on that time scale a majority reside and we deem the mentally unhealthy or disconnected as just that.

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