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Cannabis and Eczema

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by alicedee07, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Hello. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who uses cannabis or any cannabis lotion to treat any skin condition, particularly eczema. I have read a lot of articles saying that the lotion is very helpful in treating it, but I am now looking for real person accounts.
  2. I havent even heard of a cannabis lotion. sounds like it would be some great stuff. I do have eczema. Try to get your hands on some hydrocortisone acetate cream (brand name sigma i think), it works wonders for me :)

    Have a lovely day.
  3. I used to get eczema all the time, usually just on my arms but every now and then I would get it really bad on the insides of my thighs, especially after being in the ocean. I just recently discovered that cannabis may help relieve eczema, and after thinking about, I realized that since I started smoking a lot more in the past two years (first year maybe once or a couple times a week, now almost daily) that I have had only one eczema outbreak that I can remember, and it was gone in a few days. It was also during finals so I was pretty stressed out, which seriously exacerbates my eczema. Possibly it is something else, but my example may add more credence to the belief that cannabis helps with eczema, most likely due to the anti-inflammatory properties.
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    I've recently come across a lotion in Denver by a company called Apothecanna, which is available in regular and extra strength. The lotion is made with "cannabis complex", which the salesperson said is activated THC content. I tried the extra strength product on my knuckles, which have been badly bruised and irritated because I've started to work out by kick boxing. It really helped them heal and soothed the pain! I also gave some to my mom to try, who suffers from arthritis in her hands, and she was amazed because her pain subsided and she didn't get "high". She's even had cortisone shots in the past, which haven't worked. I'm a believer.
  5. Wow... Anyone with eczema who successfully treats an outbreak (eczema occurs in outbreaks right?) with cannabis lotions or oils, please send me a PM with the brand name and details of treatment. You just may help a ton of people struggling with similar conditions!
  6. I have a couple of questions about eczema. I have had it on my forehead for a couple of months and I have a low dose hydrocortisone cream for it that clears it up until I forget to put lotion on it. Will I have to put this lotion on forever? Also recently I have it on my chin and my doctor gave me another higher strength lotion on it. Did it spread and is it going to keep spreading?

    Thanks in Advance, I appreciate the heelp,

  7. I had SEVERE eczema for a period of time. I had it EVERYWHERE!!! It was probably the worst experience of my life. It came and went and various creams and ointments helped it, only for it to come back in full force not long after using.

    As soon as I started smoking cannabis however, it went away completely. At first I thought it was just the end of a bout and that it'd come back soon enough, but I haven't had it since. Interesting.
  8. There are sections on "eczema" and "dermatitis" in my list (linked below in my sig) and why buy your lotions? Under "Methods of use - topicals" there are recipes to make your own! If you can cook, you can make your own lotions and ointments! Most are just some oil, water and beeswax, plus any herbs you like! They really are pretty easy to make! :D

    Granny :wave:

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