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cannabis and dreams/nightmares

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The-Illest, May 10, 2010.

  1. i go through phases of smoking.
    when i smoke cro i dont have dreams in the night. none.
    but when i go through a period of abstinence after a few months heavy toking i have crazily vivid dreams which could even be called nightmares

    has anyone else experienced something like this ?
  2. Yup it's pretty common
  3. Whether im high or not when i sleep, my dreams are in chronological order from the night before, and some new shit happens that i never fully remember, or that never makes sense, and ive been attempting to try and make myself know when im in that dream world, cause its always in the same place, or different part of the same place, but alas, every night, im thrown back into a world i dwell in, that makes absolutely no fucking sense, and nothing is really congruent to the previous night, but the people and place, were always doing something that would not/could not be done in an ordinary last night... dreamty about rolling pizzas down 17th street in boulder (if you live here you know) my dreams take place in some twisted boulder but its more like a huge city on the coast than a small town in the mountain, but its representing boulder in my dreams...getting kinda annoying lol
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    [​IMG] = equilibrium

    the content of our dreams are are composed of supressed people/events/issues we didnt confront properly in our wakeful state; during sleep our unconcious re-articulates it into amazing and seemingly nonsensical order
  5. dreams are such a strange thing

    countless books like the ones u mentioned have been written but scientists still dont know exactly what happens when you nod off or even more importantly why we dream

  6. explain..:smoking:
  7. [ame=]YouTube - Joe Rogan talks about DMT[/ame]
  8. hahaha thas jokes
    i bare wanna try dmt now lol
  9. I've never stopped for long enough but my flatmate quit smokinga few months ago and he said he started remembering dreams and for the first week or 2 they were real fucked up
  10. I'm not so sure that you don't have dreams, i have a theory that if you smoke then sleep, you are high - thus have short term memory loss problems, so moreover, when you dream you just forget them when you wake up :smoking:
    They say you forget 90% of your previous nights dreams within 10 minutes of waking up, and that's when you're sober. Must be much worse when you are blazed :D
  11. yeah trust me, they're some messed up dreams
    ive had two memorable ones which were nice dreams, but wierd as fuck
    1 i was getting a wanked off by a hot milf
    2 i was getting wanked off in class

    by the way, thats not generally a recurring theme.....;)

    yh i always forget my dreams even when sober
    but i do remember that i had dreams
    and im not talking about going to sleep high
    im talking generally in periods of heavy smoking
  12. MJ affects REM sleep. So when you stop, you're REM sleep returns to normal, which is why that one of the withdrawal symptoms of stopping MJ use is an increase in dream activity.
  13. all true...havent had a dream in over 2 years...
  14. It's because you're not used to dreaming as MJ stops proper REM sleep (which is why smoking before bed every night is not advisable) and so dreams become particularly intense when you stop.
  15. It doesn't stop it completely but it does inhibit it.
  16. It's because the brain manifests most of its energy on the cannabinoid receptors during the entire high, so that come time to sleep, the pineal gland (which interacts with dreaming) either doesnt have sufficient energy to run at full potential because the processor (brain) needs some rest so it doesnt overheat, or our memory is not 'recording' during these dreams lol... maybe it just takes snap shots? (explanation for deja vu? idk im :smoking:)
  17. I must be weird cuz i dream every time i go to sleep, wheather im smokin alot or not.
  18. yea id have to agree with, we jus usually cant remember the dreams, then we take a t break our minds or dreams are more "psychedelic" but idk, maybe this ant the right thread but i can remember only one of my dreams when i was blazed, i was able to see like in two perspectives its hard to explain, like i jumped then split an could see from two sets of eyes, yea you gotta love mari and juana
  19. Wow, I thought I was the only one. I smoke about every night but once in a while I will stop smoking for a couple days just to have some kick ass dreams. They are so vivid they are on the level of OBEs, which I do not believe but are still very fun.
  20. Absolutely true.. I've recently gone from smoking 4-5 times a week, to 1-2 times a week. My dreams have been pretty fucking epic.. or pretty bad. Ones that affect me most personally are easily remembered. I've been having a dream every night now.

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