cannabis addict or enlightened Buddist?

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    I have a pattern of smoking weed at the end of the day- it is such a crazy experience for me even after smoking for so many years- i just hit a joint and i feel almost like i am on lsd.

    So I was wondering........................... People that are happy in life due to their marijuana/meditative sessions at the end of the day are they enlightened or a little bit addicted to marijuana?

    for me- i have much more in my life than marijuana- family, friends, music, college, looking for jobs, etc.

    i know marijuana isn't physically addictive, but i personally haven't gone more than 2 weeks without weed in probably around 3 years :eek: but the thing is- i am so happy doing my own thing when i can smoke some cannabis at night------------------------:smoking::smoking:

    i sometimes question if i am a little addicted? i only smoke at night really

    How about your habits? or your stoner friends?

  2. I smoke at night too. To answer your question probably a little of both honestly. I am at bliss with many things except for myself.

    I love your trippy images you include.
  3. i do the same thing i love nothing more then a toke and a good glass of wine all bymyself. I just think about stuff i love it, Its ME time. And no i dont think ur an addict i think u just like your YOU time as much as i like my ME time:D
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    can't beat a strong blaze at the end of the day - me time is always nice with cannabis.

    I think I enjoy solo blazing more than social blazing to some extent-

    my mind goes much deeper that way - unless im with a like minded person.
  5. If Cannabis is addictive, then EVERYTHING is addictive. :)
  6. Maybe you're addicted to the enlightenment?

    I know I am.
  7. Seen. . .

    One cant be addicted to a necessity, Ganja is for our consumption, why else would it be here?

    The higher level of conciousness associated with Ganja exploring the inter extremitys of your brain is a good thing... We as humans (I believe) this is our purpose to control and explore our "mind" to control our "mind" finding other states of conciousness.

    Just what the I thinks :smoking:
  8. How is weed a necessity? Datura is used by shaman for spiritual reasons, Datura can also kill you, and has been used as poison. Just because something grows from the ground and causes effects when taken doesn't mean it's meant to be taken no matter what kind of "gain" you may have from it.

    As some of you psychonauts may learn one day, theres only a very limited amount you can learn about yourself or your "inner mind" by doing drugs. As Hunter S. Thompson said "You can't buy enlightenment for 2 bucks a hit"

    People like to use the excuse that shamans/various other people utilize hallucinogenic plants for spiritual reasons, but it's hardly their soul means of becoming enlightened, they do it on rare occasion, if you want enlightenment or magnum opus, you gotta put in alot of work, daily effort for years, hours a day. The less work you do, the slower your progress will be, and if you don't do it on a near daily basis, your mind will regress. Think of it like endurance training, you can lose endurance fast if you don't train yourself for it on a constant regular basis. You lose spiritual ability alot faster than it takes to gain it.
  9. Greetings KundaliniRising,

    I thank you for your input.

    But may I first ask , What gives oneself the elightment and overstanding (because I would like that authority please, can you sign me up?) to question my connection with my God/Higher Being or the methods I use to obtain this connection?

    Cannabis ... Not a weed... a weed is something thats purpose has not been found yet, Cannabis .... OMG I could go on ALL day about the purposes medically and other uses for Cannabis and its sister plant Hemp.

    When has Cannabis killed anyone? Because I sure dont promote death.

    Where is the poison in extracted THC? or the eating Cannabis as it would be suggested.

    And last time I checked a LARGE majority of the 400 toxic chemicals contained in a Cannabis plant are water soluble. IMO best way to smoke Cannabis .... Water Pipe .
    And where in the Cannabis plant or THC/CBD compounds is there a hallucinogens? There arent any. Cannabis contains psychoactive properties and chemicals.

    Waaaaah I was hoping to just simply respond to your post but I feel you cant even have a say in the matter if your not educated. I digress.

    Getting in touch with your psychi is a very powerfull and usefull tool when it comes to meditation. The Buddha would have probly agreed.

    The same man who started the 4th largest religion (mind you the same man who said dont follow me or worship me) sat by a damn tree for a long ass time untill he came to enlightment. He saw what was going on in the citys. He was the king or prince or something (sorry im not to educated on Buddha ) was protected his whole life from the real picture of how people where living. Once he got to be his own man he left the kingdom and saw the real world with his own eyes, this was to much for the Buddha to deal with so he retreated to the woods (I think) and obtained enlightenment.

    But seriously If the creator of the worlds 4th top religion (I should say Following bcuz Buddha would be pissed it bcame a religion I think) discovered this by sitting by a tree. I think a little Cannabinoids flirting with my cannabinoid receptors to allow my psychoactive mindstate perform at a proper rate (the way we should be) then a lot more things can become obtainable.

    "As some of you psychonauts may learn one day, theres only a very limited amount you can learn about yourself or your "inner mind" by doing drugs. As Hunter S. Thompson said "You can't buy enlightenment for 2 bucks a hit" "


    That type of nonsense will keep you mentally and physcially retarded. If your not learning from your inner mind where are you learning from? Someone elses inner mind? who learned from some one elses inner mind?

    Fuck that my friend.
    We psychonauts have an open mind to all and learn everything we can, but will use our inner mind to discover the truth.

    One Love, One Heart, One Destiny.
  10. What makes you happy is all that is important. Be addicted to happiness.

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