Cannabible 1-3 SUCKS!!!!!

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    i just picked up the small 3 volume version of the cannabibles last night hoping to gain alot of info on strains i know little about only to find that MOST of the damn strains covered in it aren't available from seedbanks! most of them are clone only strains and many of those are actually specific to individual growers! what freakin' good is it to publish 3 books worth of "strains you'll never ever see in your lifetime"?!!

    the info itself is often sketchy too. often the author just GUESSES at a strain's parantage and others, he gets it all wrong eg. he calls mother's finest a 3 way cross when it's actually a 4 way cross. he completely omits the maple leaf indica genes likely because he's only seen 3 phenos.

    the books DO cover commercial seed strains too, but pretty much only the the most well known ones like AK-47 & blueberry. i'd venture to guess that he only covers about 50 of the strains you can buy beans for and even then, the descritions he gives are often vague eg. WTF does "this strain SMELLS psychedelic" mean?!!! you don't smell weed... you smoke it idiot! how does it smoke? no comment huh?

    if you don't mind tossing $25 or so dollars and are more interested in bud pics than future seed purchasing, the books are OK, but if you're buying them to window shop, you'll be highly annoyed at page after page of "you can't touch this! suckerrrrrrrrr!" teases

    i was actually looking for the big book of buds 1 or 2, but those might suck too.

    someone should put together a book reviewing NOTHING but alot of seedbank strains and reviewing them IN DETAIL.
  2. I disagree with this vary vague accusation that the bible does not "have any seedbank strains"

    1. buy the 3 bibles instead of buying a condensed version

    2. Many seedbank strains arent "offical" but more of an individually bred crosses that arent really popular-so why mention it

    3. any popular strain like afghani, many kushs, skunks, hazes--are in the bible, and theyre also sold on seed banks, so i dont understand why your bashing

    4. the descriptions are good in the normal version, and in the pretext you can find out alot about the older strains and how theyve been crossed into strains that are available today. The descriptions should be exaggerated, its a pot snob book.
  3. I agree that alot of the strains are unavailable from seed co, and the average joe, so unless you live in certain parts of Cali with a prescrip most of the elite cuttings we will never see or no for sure if we already have.
    You cannot deny that this guy has some serious connections, and knows what he is talking about, if he says something is a three way cross then I believe him (He knows the Dronkers family personally and was employed by The Greenhouse to catologue all strains in amsterdam) His comments on bud are a little strange and vague my favorite "smells like hippie minus the bo" but I think if you or I were to come across what he is sampling we would be out of words alot faster. I have mixed emotions sometimes when I flip throgh them but it is really just jealousy and yeah you are right a tease, but far from sucking.
    Maple Leaf Indica is mentioned in The Original softcover and and Harcover version, problem with condensed versions of things is that they condense them.
    E R 's Big Book of Buds is almost entirely seed bank strains except for the 3rd which contains 3 cali med clone only strains.
  4. jason king is a man of genius if anything man. to even think that a man of his stature could create this amazing piece of work is crazy. it is well written and descriprions may be vague at times, but what can u expect from a person who has smoked over 700 strains of cannabis?
  5. I must agree I own the 3rd installment and it's glossy masterful photography is a crowd favorite when pulled out in our smoking circles so we may enjoy the sights as well as the smells and tastes. Don't dis King he is a awesome guy for sure I can't wait for the glass picture book he is releasing.
  6. Get the Big Book Of Buds 1, 2, and 3. they`re awesome. it goes like this:

    White Shark
    Sativa-Indica - 75%-25%
    Flowering - 56-70 days
    Yield - Large
    Genetics - Super Skunk x Brazilian and South Indian strains
    Buzz - Body Stone
    Scent - Pungent, fruity
    SOG capable - yes.

    All with a picture to go. For an example, this is what they describe it as:

    ``A mostly Indica plant, the body buzz is potent, often making this a one hitter quitter. The powdery buds developed the traditional Halloween orange hairs that darken to brown as the crop reaches maturity.`` and so on and so on. I really recommend it if you are looking to grow.
  7. i got all 3 books & i think they are awsome. & the big book of buds is inferior
  8. i never said he didn't cover ANY seedbank strains, but i bought the book for only one thing, window SHOPPING and bud teasing annoys the whizz out of me. he should have titled the book "elite strains you'll never see" or something like that.

    it's an elitist book that only alienates anyone looking for info on strains they can actually buy.

    high times does the same darn bait and switch thing. i bought a cannabis cup issue because the cover made it sound like it would give info on the top strains and all the freakin' writer wrote about was who he smoked with and the teenage hooker he spent the night with! in the entire article, he briefly mentions just 3-4 strains and even then gives crappy info.

    just the other day i bought their special info which promises info on 30 strains, only they actually only freakin' cover 20 and a couple of those are repeated between the two lists!

    sorry, i just hate bating & switch and info cheating. between books and magazines not properly covering the HUNDREDS of strains to chose from out there and even strainbases like overgrow's in which all anyone really talks about is the grow or posts pics and merely gives a vague "this shit is dank!" smoke report if they even bother to begin with, it's like everyone that smokes weed wants to keep the lowdown top secret!

    it's IMPOSSIBLE to find good weed info.

    actually, i'm excited about the upcoming revamp of the strain wiki as the webmaster has contacted me about proving a BETTER system of strain info in response to my "grasscity really needs a strainbase" suggestion.

    i tell you, i'm always happy to give the details on the only three named strains i've smoked, kali mist, durban poison & skunk #1 and wish i'd tried more so i could share it with anyone who'll listen.

    i'm getting serious about getting my growroom started and will happily give in depth side by side comparisons of all of my beans as soon as i can
    C99 splash
    kali mist
    (A11g X lien huanh) X A11g
    haze skunk
    (aka super haze)
    pure power plant
    mixed sativa
    (sativa seed bank)
    SADP skunk (if THESE freebies are viable unlike my first batch of birdfeed)
    california orange

    proper strain reporting should 1. place the smoke report above EVERYTHING else, 2. be detailed and not vague & 3. be there to help EVERYONE find strains for their own grows

    good info for shopping (especially for sativa dominant strains) is virtually impossible to find even when you're spending $25 for it.

    it would be a cold day in hell before i'd EVER spend $75 for the three full size cannabibles and if i did, i'd feel obligated to track the author down and burn his house to the ground for ripping me off! LOL

    hopefully, i can find a site where i can auction it off and recoup some of my loss.

    as far as i'm concerned, i wasted $25 mostly for common knowledge info i was already familiar with. the clone only garbage is of no interest to me. i was expecting to be able to learn something about underreported senor garcia, destroyer, stonehenge, peak 19, thaitanic, kerala krush, western winds, & 303 etc. THAT'S why i bought the book.

    virtually everything in the book you can actually acquire are well known and covered strains like skunk #1, haze, hindu kush, nothern lights #5, & C99 etc. or is shit i'll never see in my lifetime! either way, i didn't learn much of anything i wanted to.

    i'd say i really only learned something new about 2-3 strains of interest to me that there aren't any grow reports for. that isn't why i bought the book. sorry, but if you call a book the cannabible, it should be FOR THE MASSES. as it stands, most of the info is limited interest stuff more akin to CULT oriented.

    if you enjoyed all "the pretty pictures", more power to ya.

    PS, i DID look at the larger books, and they pretty much wasted space. one paragraph per page. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. another thing that sucks... NO INDEX!
  10. its true that most of the strains are not available from seedbanks, but some are. He does however tell you the lineage of each plant and where it came from. I think he goes overboard sometimes in descriptions.
  11. i don't trust the lineages listed one bit. in more than one case, he simply GUESSES at parentage which is fuel for rumors and wrong info getting repeated and CLEARLY he got the lineage for mother's finest wrong as he neglected to mention maple leaf indica which he could have gotten just by reading a product description.

    another thing that annoys me about the books is a bunch of the strains are just shuffling of the same few strains over and over eg. a few DOZEN blueberry. HP13 and haze crosses etc. there are MANY more strains out there than he covers and WTF is up with wasting space covering strains that he already reported on before?

    i just didn't like ANYTHING he did, but do agree that sativas and organic kick butt. otherwise, i didn't get $20 worth of strain reporting. i wouldn't have paid over $5 for what little new and useful info i got.

    instead of doing a couple dozen blueberry crosses, maybe he could have covered mr greengenes' excellent version of cherrybomb that's nearly pure sativa. how could he call it a cannabible without mentioning how crappy lowryder is? how could he simply NAME a bunch of strains by DNA genetics & KC brains (EXTREMELY useful info!) without doing any actual reporting?

    the books just lack variety and waste too much space on unobtanium for my tastes. reading those books is just like smoking indica... you don't get what you paid for. LOL
  12. I totally agree....they really are not that great. Jason King is a very opinionated author, and I feel that a lot of people don't know that. He's obviously a Sativa lover, and his taste seems very hard to please. I does suck that he does reports on hybrids that really aren't in seed form. But thats the name of the game, and that totally is part of his "ploy", "see what I have access too, but you could only wish." One thing the book is good for is doing comparing. I like to look at THE BIG BOOK OF BUDS volumes, and see if the two say close to the same thing. Like I said Jason King seems to have a hard taste to please....but if THE BIG BOOK OF BUDS and the CANNABIBLE have similar descriptions, they are probably right. I have personally grown some of strains the Jason King has negative reports for, and have been 100% satisfied with my results. Its too bad a man with such a big influence on hobbyist/closet growers is such an opinionated pot snob.
  13. I have both sets of books, and theres a huge difference between cannabibles vs big book of buds for a reason!

    Big B of Buds is seedbank sponsered,thats the reason every strain is available. Its not 1 persons opinion(like jason king) the info provided is from the breeder/seedbank that sells them! thats why theres not 1 bad comment, and why their hyped up.the seedbank that offers the strain payed good $ to be in the book. So to some BBB's is better , but keep in mind its just advertising, cannabible isnt a sponsered(as far as I know) book ,just Jasons opinion and desciption. isnt meant as a advertisement!

    PS Cannabible had to come up w/his own funds to get published(unlike BBB's)So he should get "props" for that alone, huh?

    and although cannabible's desciptions/comments arent near as "in depth" they are an opinion(true) from 3rd party not from seedbank/breeders advertisement !

  14. And Pokernaut lol!!!!!!!!
    I do agree w/ya about throwing the truth "out " about LR! Joint Dr should be called out, never telling whole truth about LR and all the complications that come w/growing it!

    LOWRYDER in BBB's they leave out all the BS and wont mention its half ruderalis(hemp)calls it a "mysterious strain" then to top it off he states hes done yrs of work on creating LR, when all he did is crossed sensi's ruderalis x ak47(some1 elses hard work). experienced growers know whats up but inexperienced buy it completely. most know having wild hemp pollinate a good strain
    is a bad thing! lol! dwarf style strain??? wtf? newbies refuse to listen though, they want buds as soon as possible. largest yielding LR is what about 6-7grams. LR is a bad joke!
  15. Actually Jason King shoots buds for a living (I'm sure everyone knew that). He does work for a bunch of mags like hightimes, cannabis culture, and so on. So he gets his money to publish his book from them. I suppose if I saw as many different strains as him, I'd probably be a bit of a snob too.

    You guys are right about LR, its really not the best plant. But if does have its up sides......its not all that bad. Definitely not A+ quality, more like C-, but doing a large crop of it outside will yield some decent bubble hash/butter. Just not good smoke. Plus its good for newbies to learn the basics. My first few grows were LR, and a few plants yielded 18 grams, but yes the average was 8-10. I do landscaping, and actually plant a few in the perennial beds around town. They are so easy to hide, its scary!
  16. hey Rob1now, have you noticed the date on this thread? lol!!! I feel like a jackass. funny though, huh?
  17. I pitty the people that use the Cannabibles as a guide.
  18. couldnt agree w/ya more! If you want strain/grow info get a fuckn grow book! pokernaut has huge set of balls never grown(but smoked all of 3 different strains) and going on,and on and on about everything thats wrong w/the book. wasted a whole $25 and wanting to sell to recoup the loss.My god man oldest story in the book, your GONNA start growing... and listing the 20 different strains your gonna start with. $25 says he never got off his ass. stoned stupid, daydreaming about all the strains,and $ he will have.couldnt hit water if he fell out of a boat......

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  20. Blasphemy. Uneducated blasphemy. You sounded so silly in every one of youre posts that i cant even quote you on all the dumb stuff you said, itd take days. Good god...

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