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Cannabee eJoint Review!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TranceKid, Jul 31, 2011.

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    Hey blades, I bought an eJoint by Cannabee. I purchased the "Travel Kit" for $60.

    This is what the "travel case" looks like. It is about as tall and slightly wider than a regular bic lighter.

    The inside of the case is lined with a pretty nice black cloth material. It has areas to hold 2 eJoint cartridges of your choice that resemble cigarette filters, one eJoint battery that resembles the body of a cigarette and the USB plug charger that charges the eJoint battery. (Bic lighter for size comparison)

    This last picture shows what the eJoint battery and charger look like, as well as what it looks like being charged in a USB port. The eJoint battery is about as long as a regular bic lighter and the charger is only about 2 inches long.

    Once you buy the eJoint, it is recommended to screw the eJoint battery into the charger, plug it into a computer's USB port and let it charge for 8 hours before you first use it. I did this and just now tested the eJointfor the first time.
    Oh, and I'll add that when I purchased it, two cartridges where included: White Lion and Bubba Kush. There are other strain cartridges available such as Skywalker OG, Blue Dream, Blue Haze, Super Jack, Master Kush, Purple Kush and others for $15 each. Depending on usage, each cartridge can last you 40-60 hits before you need another. The battery lasts about 26,250 total hits before needing to be replaced.

    Taste: 9/10. Very nice, I certainly tasted the strain but not full as if you smoked it.
    Smell: 10/10. I could very, very faintly smell the strain in the vapor I exhaled.
    Potency: 10/10. I am not an everyday user so I do not have a high tolerance. I only medicate once, maybe twice a week to treat my condition. This eJoint got me medicated enough to suite my needs. I did not take huge or long puffs. Only enough to get away from my condition for a while.

    I am very happy with my purchase. At my local dispensary I had the choice to buy this or other vaporizers and I do not regret getting this at all!

    Oh and, besides there being a Travel Kit, there is also a Starter kit. This contains the eJoint battery, 2 eJoint cartridges, and a wall charger but no travel case. They also have the Deluxe Kit that comes with everything the Travel kit has plus a few more cartridges. The Deluxe Kit case can hold about 6 or so cartridges at one time.
  2. Anybody know where I could buy one online?
  3. Welcome - Cannabee Products, Inc

    There is the manufacturer website. The only place to buy it is select dispensaries. I would have posted this in the "Medical Marijuana" forum section, but since this is a vaporizer, I posted it in "Toking Tools". :)
  4. Damnn i want one so bad. Where do you get it.
  5. Looks like it'd be worth trying
  6. Some dispensaries have it available. :rolleyes:
  7. Anyone else? I'd love to hear opinions. :)
  8. Looks like a great product sucks only MMJ patients can get it though
  9. I agree. I'm not sure if Cannabee sells just the vaporizer unit but it would sure be nice. :)
  10. So I allowed a patient of mine who is currently battling cancer to try out the eJoint. He liked it a lot and is planning on buying one! He said the only thing that could be better is the taste; he said it wasn't very tasty but never-the-less got the job done. :)

    I highly recommend these vapes to medical patients if you have $50-$70 to spend on a little something. :)
  11. Ya these are glycern based, The one I'm smoking on is pure hash oil witch is about 100x stronger. Plus they come tested by a lab. Check them out THC Scientific a Cannabis Research and Development Company |

    For me smoking tincture is just stupid cuz that's what's in it just glycerin based tincture. I'm a heavy smoker so these glycerin based models don't do it for me.
  12. Well, I don't have a high tolerance and I only smoke when I feel my condition gets out of hand. I found it better to buy this one seeing as I don't need to get ripped out of my mind, just a comfortable medicated state where I can still work on things if I need to. :)
  13. yea i dont know about the glycol base....seems sketchy
  14. When done properly glycol based tinctures are safe but if a home user tries to make their own or if a batch of oil becomes denatured or improperly made lipid pneumonia is a verr real risk.

    Lipid pneumonia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I am assuming that is what he meant by sketchy, though really if the cartridges are properly made that's a non-issue.

    And to those who want their own but can't get one for not being medical; there are many options available to you, both hash based (like the one Hyekken mentioned) and this kind of ecig, which is really just a 510 model e-cigarette that uses special made e-juice cartriges with THC. Badkittysmiles has a tutorial on how to make your own out of a much cheaper ecigarette.
  15. This is so cool. I used to work for someone who constantly used the e-cigarettes everywhere. I never thought how cool it would be to get high while smoking one.
  16. Anyone know if you can get these in Canada anywhere? I am fully licensed and this is very appealing to me...
  17. i dont know but they answered my emails pretty quickly, shoot em one
  18. Anyone know where I can find one in the orange county / inland empire area?

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