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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Mr DudeMan, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Was thinking if I made about 250ml of canna oil, could you just bottle it and every time your frying bacon or chicken you cook it in the canna oil, then rebottle what wasn't used, could you get high with this multiple times...
  2. The temperature used in frying would cook out much of the medicine.

    Bake with the oil.
  3. So you would do the same but bake the bacon or chicken in a tray covered in tinfoil?
  4. Haha you like bacon huh? :)

    You could try baking it I guess. Just try and keep temps below 300 degrees. It would take forever to cook.

    Definitely don't reuse the oil afterwards.

    Why dont you make canna muffins or corn bread to eat with your bacon?
  5. I was just thinking it'd be cool to have meat edibles :D
  6. Ive always thought about stuff like this, like making fried chicken in canna oil cause i have a deep fat frier an i usualy use it for fish, and french fries. So meybe canna french fries? Or anything els you can deep fat fry (wich is prety much anything lol)

    It might not work, but if i could afford it i totaly would try
  7. So up until seeing this thread, bacon was like the greatest thing ever to me. Now I hear of cannabacon. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

    Someone seriously needs to find a way to get baked from eating bacon since you can't really fry it.
  8. There have been several posts in here on canna bacon, rather than repeat and re-type a few pages worth of the same info, here's my post from the last similar thread :)

    " It's good to see that you have an interest in edible cannabis, this is a good and interesting start [​IMG]

    Unfortunately, canna oil should not be used to fry bacon for a few reasons;

    You very probably destroyed the vast majority of your potency, long before your bacon was cooked.

    And where your bacon was raw and very oily before you started, it wasn't absorbing your canna oil, it was excreting its own oils (pushing them out, diluting your canna oil). [​IMG]

    If you want to make true canna bacon, without so much waste (ie. without all the oil you pour off, as well as without degrading so much potency) you need to make a bacon jerky, first, you can then rehydrate it with potent hash/canna oil and glycerin tincture, as much as you like. [​IMG]


    I'll only go into the process briefly, where I've been saving the bulk of the 'how-to' (and the photos) for the tutorial:

    Canna bacon is made by briefly pre-cooking strips of bacon in a pan, beyond 200 f. Once cooked, but still 'floppy', you must pat each strip dry with a lint-free towel, removing as much oil and moisture as possible.

    Then, lay your strips in the oven, across the racks without touching each other. Set your temp to 170 f, and allow your bacon to slowly dry for an hour or so.

    This is when you should be preparing your potent basting sauce. A little canna oil, glycerin tincture, liquid smoke, and an optional pinch of sugar, salt and pepper, makes a great tasting canna bacon. [​IMG]

    Baste your meat using the sauce, until just before it begins to drip. Then close your oven almost all the way, and allow it to dry further. If you have more basting sauce, in 20 - 30 minutes, baste then dry again.

    In less than 2 - 3 hours you'll have some of the most potent, best looking, and best tasting bacon you've ever laid eyes on, it's perfect for sandwiches, pasta, pizza, just snacking on.. and of course, breakfast [​IMG] "

    And then we moved on to the beef & chicken jerky tutorial, to give a better idea what you'll need to do to your bacon...

    "Here is a photo tutorial and recipe for canna jerky, three different recipes actually (Smokey Original, Teriyaki & BBQ).... whether you make it with, or without the herb, once you taste home made jerky you will never feel the desire to invest in store-bought, ever again. [​IMG] It can be much cheaper, and much tastier, making your own. [​IMG]

    Canna Tincture & Hash Oil, Beef and Chicken Jerky


    .... it's how I make my hash infused bacon, for the 'Breakfast of Champions'. [​IMG] "


    "It may interest you to know, that the bacon grease from the initial cooking is reserved, and clarified, in order to be blended with coconut oil and infused with hash, to make these ;)


    Hope this helps! [​IMG] "

    ;) :wave:
  9. Bad kitty, i gotta say youve got to be one of the best educated and informed person on this site. Especially when it comes to edibles. Its great to see you spreading your knowledge.

    But anyways... Your saying that you, and other people, have done this and it workes? Canna-Jerkey. Holy shit thats awsome i need to try this sometime in my life. Do you know if they sell that in dispenserys? Because they really should.
  10. Sounds sick, good info! I'll try it once I have enough leaves n stems
  11. i so want to try that breakfast sandwhich bad kitty

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