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Cannababinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TooPerfect, May 9, 2014.

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         So, I had a psychiatrist that is blaming my physical symptoms of an anxiety/moderate depression disorder on cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Although I wouldn't say I'm depressed, but definitely have problems at least a weekly basis with anxiety.
          He hasn't said it vocally, and saying THAT'S THE SYNDROME but uh, his reasoning, support, and conclusion are exactly what the syndrome offers. I'm a smart kid and I lined up all of his supposed causes and effects to this syndrome, and it isn't like there is a lot of pot induced syndromes to begin with.
    And obviously I don't have the syndrome because it requires multiple years of "abusive/obsessive" smoking in large quantities at least weekly, I've been smoking irregularly for a year maybe.
    I no longer see this asshole, who blames his useless "treatment" on my responsible use (At least I think it is responsible). But my dad still threatens me with Quest slips. (Drug abuse panel 10-50 with ethanol confirmation) Also to add, I'm not taking any medicine other than hydroxyzine when needed. An anti-histamine.
         I just wanted to ask, have you guys even ever heard of "Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome?"
    Or do you guys even have cyclic vomiting prominent in the morning? Even the biggest stoners don't ever have to duck and cover in the restroom because of their "syndrome."
    Seems pretty fucking odd to label me with that shit and tell my parents I sell drugs.

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    I used to have episodes usually when beginning t-breaks after heavily smoking for a couple weeks. I used to puke for 1-2 weeks and it'd be good. But that's probably not CVD or CHS.
    P.S.: What's your diet and what are your symptoms exactly?
  3. Thanks for first reply.
    My diet is mostly salad, lots of grilled chicken... Tex-mex. Fried/greasy foods are present, but a minority. Dieting currently because being overweight sucks dick.
    Symptoms I'm facing right now are stomach pains, chronic vomiting, fatigue when presented with high stress situations.
    Examples would be school where both my sister and I have been abused but parents refused to withdraw and transfer. I had a paragraph or so explaining everything, but just know it was bad both at home and at school. With legitimate reasons when perceived by any human being.
    Also, I'm facing some heavy withdrawal from a Zoloft proxy, citalopram. From the start I didn't support taking the medicine. But it was forced on me for my own good. Now I just get sick when I take it, heavily overlapping my current symptoms in the name of being helped, and if I don't take my meds I get twitchy and have brain zaps and shit, disorientation, forgetting where I am, can't sleep. Taking it on a bi-weekly basis to curb anything I'm feeling. I've actually been dry for two weeks and I'm still feeling the effects of "Cannabinoid Hypremesis Syndrome."
    I have basically all my shit out on the table now. Lol.
    Just to be crystal clear, this thread isn't a diagnosis of myself, but rather is this syndrome something people actually know about or actually happens?
    I think it's safe to say I don't have what's been labeled on my forehead.
  4. I thought that CHS was when the brain couldn't handle the intake of thc and other cannabinoids so it forces the person to vomit?
    Google tims
  5. I'll write you a PM since it's pretty much off topic, if you want to be informed of CVS being a real thing or not.
    that is a QUACK not a doctor...
    Fire the quack, get a real medical doctor.
  7. sounds to me like cannabis use is the least of your problems
  8. Cannabis hyperemesis is real, but RARE! In over 45 years of toking, I have never had it, nor have any of my friends! Here's the most recent stuff on CH- more, earlier studies and articles can be found in "Granny Storm Crow's List. To get a FREE PDF of the List, just PM me your email address, or check out the bottom of my sig my my email address!
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    FYI- A hot bath or shower will usually clear up any symptoms of CH.
    And may I suggest taking Omega 3? It helps with anxiety and depression, and also helps you lose weight! :yay:
    How Long Before Fish Oil Works on Depression to Lift Your Mood?
    Deficiency of Dietary Omega-3 May Explain Depressive Behaviors (news - 2011)
    High omega-6 and low omega-3 fatty acids are associated with depressive symptoms and neuroticism.
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    Omega -3 fatty acids prevent the medical complications of obesity, study suggests
    Hope that helps!
  9. I would not be surprised if the pharmaceutical poison caused a good portion of your problems and your "therapist" which I use in the most generous way possible, is most likely covering his tracks. Never felt better after I kicked the pharms

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    If you had it you would know it. My roommate has it and he cant smoke at all anymore. Like he can take a hit or two every couple of months but has to be super careful. If he smokes too much he gets incredibly nauseous and vomits uncontrollably for days or weeks. Cant eat or drink anything and basically has to live in a hospital for two weeks or so with an IV in his arm to get nutrients and hydration.

    Basically from what he's told me when he smokes to much and starts getting his symptoms its because the disease starts shutting down his liver and other organs etc. Apparently they think its from smoking to much at a young age and it has to do with your development.

    Also a theory we came up with for the reason why its so rare and hasn't been around very long is because of how much more potent weed has become in the past 20 years or so.

    Shits crazy though pretty bad disease, when he was diagnosed he was like 1 of 100 either in the country or world with it. Took about 3 episodes of it happening and spending a couple weeks at a time in the hospital until the doctors finally figured out why the hell he was getting deathly ill.
  11. Marijuana smoking won't cause you to become depressed or have anxiety. But, IT CAN SOMETIMES trigger it if you already have it. If someone with bad anxiety smokes a strong sativa they should expect to become anxious and paranoid. I am not a doctor and have no real medical proof to back up my statement , but my statement comes from personal experiences and knowing a few people who can't smoke because it makes them super paranoid and anxious. 
  12. Follow Granny's informative links and advice. Consume more Omega 3 and incorporate more CBD! 

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