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    How would you use coco fiber in a flood system? Would you need some sort of seperator or could you just fill the flood tray and put clones in rockwool like hydroton? Very interested in trying coco and not too many people seem to use it in the grow journal section.
  2. also if im trying to get a continual grow say 2 harvests every month of 2-3 plants what would be the best (most cost effective way) to set that up. keeping in mind that i need 2 seperate reservoirs so i can use a bloom booster in the final weeks of flower (i think). or should i just go seperate planters on a flood table i can dump the runoff off of and use hydroton or something to elevate 1 inch off the table. i'm really confused because when i need to flush a harvest how do i do that with the nutes all in the reservoir, without messing up younger growth.
  3. i've done countless hours of research and still cannot wrap my head around this dilemma.

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