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  1. Hello Growers,
    I bought today 2 CANNA nutrients

    I think this things can make a good results, but the seller in the shop recommend me about 2 more products.
    - PK 13/14

    What do you think? Necessary or not?
  2. You bought Canna aqua veg A and B ?
    You bought Canna aqua flores A and B ?

    Canna Boost is a must .
    I have been using Canna Terra products for about a year in a half ..
    I would use caution about mixing all the Canna Terra products at full strength .
    I would also make sure you flush your plant when it goes into flowering .

    Canna Rhiztonic for veg is a great product .

    Don't use the Canna aqua veg and aqua flores to gether .
    One is just for veg and the other just for flowering .
    I have never used either of those Canna products you posted
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  3. That's what i bought

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  4. I second headhunterpipes with cannaboost. Don't be shy to buy the liter 250ml goes fast.
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  5. I bought the liter for sure, i just ask about the rest of the products
  6. Straight up …… does the person who suggested for you use those products to grow cannabis or is that person just another fucking salesman .
    No offence nut not everyone that works or owns a hydroponic store who is actually growing weed using those exact products .
    You can put your trust with anyone who you wish , I have hands on experience growing Cannabis using certain Canna Terra products .
    just for your information , I use RO water ...
    You need some rock resinator
    And you need a PH up and PH down and a PH test kit .
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  7. I got PH test also have EC test
    I know that the man in the store is a salesman that why i iont but what he suggested to me.
    I ask here because i believe in the people here, they got alot of experience and information.
    So for now i bought only this 2 products
    - Canna terra vega
    - canna terra flore

    So i ask if this 2 is enough for my growth or you suggest 1 or 2 more products?
  8. I don't know if what you have will work ? I have never used it and I didn't sale it to you .
    If you use what I am using your adding 7 more canna products .
  9. Those 2 will be enough for you to do your 1st grow. I always recommend new growers start with the basics, and then after your first successful grow to start slowly trying new additives. No point in spending alot of money on your first grow, only to find out growing is not for you. Will growing with base nutrients be enough for your first grow? YES. Will adding additives and beneficials increase your yield? YES. But most growers run into MANY problems their first round, so I STRONGLY suggest you start with the basics first.

    Depending on your growing medium, you may also need a Cal/Mag supplement.
    So Cal/Mag, Ph Down, Ph Up and you should be set.
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  10. For the first part of your answer i totally agree, that's why i ask about this 2 CANNA products can be enough for the first growth cycle.

    About the second part, i got few questions please.
    1.Cal/Mag is what you recommend to add?
    CANNA have this "RHIZOTONIC" i think it's the same idea of Cal/Mag product no?
    2. If you still recommend about Cal/Mag
    How do you combine it on the cycle of veg and flower and of course with my 2 CANNA products that i all ready got?
    3. PH up and PH down it is necessary?
    4. If it is necessary, what you recommend?

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  11. 1. Cal/Mag is a calcium/magnesium supplement. Canna has one, along with every major nutrient brand. They all work the same so I usually just get whatever is most affordable. However if you are growing in a “good” soil cal/mag may not be needed. If you are growing in soil you will need to see if the soil already has a good cal/mag buffer. If you are growing in hydro then it will also depend on which method you are using.

    2. Mixing goes as follows. Silica if you use it always goes first then cal/mag then base nutrients. Then ph adjust. Lastly you add your beneficial. One last ph check and you are good. I know this seems complicated but you get use to it quickly.

    3. You can use vinegar as ph down and baking soda for ph up but you don’t actually save any money and make your life 10x harder because it gets messier to use those in your nutrient solution.

    4. Any brand ph down and ph up will work. Get the smallest bottle you can and they last along time. There is one ph down/ph up brand that claims to be organic and natural but I strongly AVOID it. It was unstable and caused a lot of ph drift when tested. I can’t remember the exact brand name. I just use the GH ph up and down.
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  12. Forgot to complete answer to question 1.

    Rhizotonic is a trace mineral and vitamin supplement. It’s not required but it is helpful. You can definitely complete a grow without it. If you do get it it goes after the addition of cal mag and before the base nutrients.
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    Thnks for another great answers mate
    1. I use soil , the details of my soil is like that:

    "High quality and acidic soil mixed specifically according to the exact specification that meets all plant requirements.
    Soil based on peat, perlite and coconut fiber in the appropriate doses enriched with bormicolite and humus.
    Especially dark soil, with excellent drainage to prevent water from being hoped for the ideal development of the root system."

    I think i will give that soil a chance, maybe during the cycle i will add few stuff.

    2. I really need to understand how its work, maybe video on YouTube can help here.

    3+4. I will check tomorrow at the store what are my options

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