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  1. Hi,

    just wanted some tips on when use the Pk 13-14, been flowering for just about 4 weeks now. Anyone got any pics of grow/plant at this stage, so I've got something to compare to.
    Any advice would be wicked

  2. Do your Pk spike at the 4th or 5th week. But BE CAREFULL not to burn your babies. I personally do it at the end of the 4weeks and right at the start of my 5th week. Here is a little video that has some helpful info
    [ame=]YouTube - PK Spike in the 4th week of flowering?[/ame]
  3. Ok thanks man, Yh that's what I'm worried about my girls are looking so good right now I dnt wanna be stupid an damage them, but I've heard Pk when done properly has real good results
  4. pk done right is the absolute best strain in my opinion
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    Pk 13/14 isn't a strain it's a type of canna nutrient
  6. Sorry doubled the post
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    Yh I was thinking that
  8. In nutrients, a PK spike means you give it a high dose of PK during a certain time when your plants are flowering. When you look on your bottle of nutes you will see three numbers. These numbers are called N P K.

    N - Nitrogen
    P - Phosphorus
    K - Potassium

    When your plants are in veg they need allot of nitrogen, but when you switch over to flowering the plant needs more phosphorus and potassium for proper bud development. When you hear someone saying they want to " PK Spike" there plants that means they have bought a nutrient that has a very high numbers of P and K. Such as 0-13-14 that stk wants to use, when a normal bloom nutrient might read something like 0-3-4. Thats why you need to be very carefull not to burn your plants, and make sure your ppm and ph are dialed in just right. Hope I cleared that up for you :smoke: Peace out
  9. Thanks man, thats a damn good reply, I like to understand why I'm doing what I'm doing to my girls an thar makes perfect sense, really helped cheers mate

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