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Canna Oil question thats been asked 100 times lol

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by STEEL2040, Aug 20, 2019.

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    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
    Ok so Im new and I mean NEW to eddibles. I have 24 grams left over of some top shelf I locally tested it and its 22.9% Thc. A friend gave me an Infuzium 420 for my birthday. So my question is based on my math 24 grams after loss should extract to 3,847.2mg + or minus 10%. Now comes the how many cups should I use of natural coconut? Should I do 4 cups or less and just use regular coconut oil if the recipe calls for a large amount? I figured 4 cups would be roughly 60mg per tablespoon.
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  2. Have you checked out either
    @BrassNwood or @PsychedelicSam threads dude?? they help alot of people with edibles & can most likely give you the best advice
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  3. I have been reading though theirs , I am not smart when it comes to this but if you ever had something break I can fix it lol. I read through Brass's caps and now Im reading through Sams tinacture thread. What I gather is the less amount of liquid as possible and just mix it with reular oil when using it.
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  4. 24 grams of flower you probably shouldn't use more than a cup of coconut oil. I do a 1 cup to 1 ounce ratio when cooking with canna oil, so 7 grams per 1/4 cup. 4 cups is a lot of coconut oil to go through
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  5. Your Infusium is the best butter/oil/tincture device I've seen.
    I just bought one, and like it better than several other butter devices I've tried, including MagicalButterMachine.

    THC% numbers are always suspect, but using 23% herb (no tenths decimal is justifiable) means the total un-decarbed THC-A is about
    THC-A = 0.23*(24,000 mg) = 5520 mg

    The best strained oil lab tests I've seen give around 80% thc extraction efficiency, and there will be routhly 10% weight losses during decarb, so the final amount of decarbed THC should be about
    THC = (0.8)*(0.9)*(5520 mg) = 3974 mg, which is very close to what you got.

    The more oil you use, the more thc you'll get, but the less concentrated the final product will be.
    If you make 1 cup of oil, the concentration will be
    Concentration = (3974 mg THC)/(237 mL) = 17 (mg THC) / (mL Oil)

    Dosing amounts are something like this
    1 tsp = 5 mL = 85 mg THC
    1 drop ~ (1/30 mL) = 0.6 mg THC

    If you use 2 cups, all those numbers get divided by 2, if 4 cups, then divide by 4.

    Personally, I'd try to use 1 cup total mixture, and not strain out the potency that will remain in the sludge.
    That might increase your total thc harvested by about 20%.

    Whatever you do, don't forget to decarb first.
    240 F for 40 min with a verifying thermometer works well.

    Then you need to decide on an infusion time/temp in Infusium.
    220 for 40-60 min with lecithin should work well.
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  6. This was pretty much what I was I was thinking and its great to hear this gift is good. I have decarbed already. and you say not to strain the sludge? should I then grind the decarbed bud into a fine powder then? Thanks I also seen if I do strain to save the sludge seperatly and add alittle to each make.
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  7. Infusium's blade will chop the herb to fine powder for you.
    I believe you can use the herb unground, like the MagicalButterMachine recommends.
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  8. The recipe I use comes from BadKats thread with a few efforts of my own to streamline it a bit for speed of making it as I'll do several batches at once and knock out as many capsules as I can over a day or two.

    What I've learned is to make small batches of very strong canna oil to get the lecithin fully incorporated then either cap it for direct use like I do or add the finished oil to any food items oil, Blend well, Add dry ingredients and cook normally.
    This gives the same ultra high strength oil effects in your cookies and brownies, Ect.

    When we try this in a large batch of oil it doesn't come out near as strong IME. It has to be the way the lecithin and Coconut oil bind in the small batches as that is the only change.

    Mine is done with dry ice 160 micron Kief I shake from my own grow. I control every step of the medication from seeds to clones to harvest, dry, cure, shake, create oil.



    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes. Uncovered.

    5 grams of decarbed Cannabis. Kief, Hash, Concentrates or Powdered buds.
    2.5 teaspoons Coconut oil.
    1/2 teaspoon Lecithin ( any kind)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Freeze (optional removes gritty mouth feel)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes (can skip if you didn't freeze)

    Best done in a $3.00 stainless steel cat food dish as shown. They don't shatter like glass or ceramic can when going from oven to freezer and back to oven.


    Buds range from about 15% and up so we tend to use 15% as the baseline.
    1 gram = 1000 mg
    If your buds are mids @ 15% then you have 150mg of THC per gram of buds

    Kief, Hash and concentrates are higher at 40% for Hash and up to 90% for shatter and Rosin.
    My Kief is very clean and I use 50% for figuring it.

    So my 5 gram recipe gives you 5000 mg ÷ % of material.
    Bud is 150mg per so X 5 = 750mg of THC
    ÷ 30 capsules = 25mg per capsule

    Kief is 500mg per so x5 = 2500mg of THC
    ÷ 30 capsules = 83mg per capsule.

    Even cutting your brownies into 30 squares they will be 25mg each done with buds using this base recipe so take some care not to take to much to fast.

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  9. Thank you Everyone that chimmed in ended up with one cup. I tested and 3/4 of a teaspoon sent me on one hell of a trip. But then I used that as my base and when I made brownies they were not as strong as what I tested from the oil. I know consuming in different forms can effect that greatly. My next question is some of these pottent food recipes place the oil or butter last am I remised to think that further heating of it would loose some potency also?

    Thanks ,
  10. All additional heat after decarb will decarb some more.
    Fortunately, the oil in most recipes "protects" the thc to some extent.
    It takes about 2 1/2 hours @ 240 F to decarb in oil, and internal brownie internal temps probably get that hot, so baking them for 30 min will over-decarb approximately 20%.

    I bake 10 g cookies in mini-muffin molds for 10 min @ 350F, and that doesn't reduce potency noticeably.
  11. .
    The internal temps of baked goods reached are not high enough or long enough to really change the stone. It's most always a question of dose.

    What can change is how the oil is made and blended. This is why we recommend making the small super potent batch first as this incorporates the lecithin best for maximum strength. Then blend the tablespoon of super strength with the oil called for in a baked good. Mix the 2 oils very well. Add the dry parts and follow normal cooking direction on time and temps.

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  12. Ok so this is what I was drumming in my head. About 20% for the brownies would explain why it didn't punch as much. So to get the most bang for my buck sounds like cookies or something non heated like a no bake fudge.
  13. Followed your guidance although I decarbed in oven then used the infuzuim to make the oil but followed your tablespoon of lecthin for the cup and did not strain.

    Those that I gave them to loved them, I think I am just not having a good base as most the eddibles I have ever eaten where home made and supper pottent in a psychoactive way and some times to the point of not a good trip. As for the ones I have gotten at the dispensaries I never felt anything outside a certain 50mg gummie lol. As when it comes to smoking a half packed bowl and I would be good for a day lol.

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