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"Canna-Milk" stealthy "No Smell" recipe

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by TheMystriousOne, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Greetings, I have not posted in so long however my absence is explained by bliss and or melancholy. Anyways, yesturday night I made this stealthy "Canna-Milk" recipe that worked better then I thought it would. Had me super baked for ten hours and buzzed for another five.

    -1.5 to 2 grams of good quality bud.
    -1 Cup glass measuring cup
    -Half a cup of whipped cream.
    -Half a cup of 2% or Whole milk.
    -2 tablespoons of buttermilk.
    -A thermos.
    -Large bowl of boiling water.

    1.Put whipped cream, milk, and buttermilk in the glass measuring cup and heat in the microwave on high for 4 to 5 minutes, stirring every minute to prevent clumps. Make sure its scalding(Beyond boiling).

    2.Place weed into a thermos and pour the scalding milk over top of it. Immediately seal the thermos and shake up.

    3.Meanwhile, boil some water and place it in a large bowl. Make sure its boiling hot. Place the thermos inside the bowl of boiling water and let sit for thirty minutes, shaking the thermos every once in awhile.

    4. To keep the thermos hot, wrap it in a towel and hide it somewhere, shaking it every fifteen minutes or so. Let it sit for two hours

    5. Now consume it, dont strain it drink and eat all the weed, trust me its not that nasty but this is the crucial step. You should get high in two hours or so.

    Like I said this got me crazy ripped, I drank it a bit before bed, went to bed stoned and woke up stoned. Best feeling ever.

    This recipe is great for people that want to make Canna-food but dont want the smells of cooking.

    **To make eating the weed easier, you could blend all of this together with some icecream and make a milkshake!
  2. 1.5-2 grams For a single serving? If thats dank then of course its gona get you crazy stoned, unless you have the highest tollerance in the world.

    If you made it into oil/butter you could have goten atleast 2-3 servings from that.

    And if you dont want the smell try the no heat method for oil, where you just stick the oil and bud in a jar and let it sit for 2-3 weeks, and shake it every once in a while. That will be much more efficent as long as you decarb the weed before
  3. Woops, I should of mentioned, this is a "Spiritual dose" haha....

    And this is just a solution for people that wanna get high quickly but dont wanna wait a couple weeks, it is definitely not the most efficient method.

  4. Can you go into further detail with that? what kind of oil, how much weed, and how was your experience. I've heard of this method but never put much interest in it
  5. [quote name='"zappierdesert"']

    Can you go into further detail with that? what kind of oil, how much weed, and how was your experience. I've heard of this method but never put much interest in it[/quote]

    If you look in the stikies of the edibles section you will find some great how too make canna oil/butter.

    And any oil works, sumthing with an extremely high fat content. Everyone says that coconut oil works best, but ive had no trouble with olive oil in the past.

    And i cant give you a certain amount of oil, because it depends on how potent the oil is, how high a tolerance you have, how dank the bud is, the oil-bud ratio, ect.

    So pretty much if you make it yourself theres a lot of different factors. Just add what looks right, if you dont feel it in an hour or 2 then take some more. Its all guess n check for the first few times you make edibles

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