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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Communistic, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. I want to make some ice coffee with weed in it so I guess I need canna-milk to use with instant coffee mix but I can't find a good canna-milk recipe can anyone share thanks.

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  2.  Real canna milks and creamers, begin with pure milk fat and cannabis, or hash... in other words, canna butter. :)
     The easiest way to make canna milk or cream, is to take the desired number of doses of canna butter, and whisk it into the desired amount of cream or milk for a few minutes while warm. The best part is that, not only is it the easiest method, it's the most effective! When relying on milk fat as your solvent to extract cannabis glandular material, and as the vehicle for a bioavailable solution, you want it concentrated during those steps. You'll make the most progress making a functional edible, and in the least amount of time, by omitting all the water contamination in butter or cream, and starting out properly... with pure butter! :yay:
     If you want even better emulsification (no chance for oil separation with less time and effort!), then add a little lecithin... many medical canna butters will already contain lecithin to improve bioavailability, making it all the easier to blend. :)
    Make a tincture and add a few drops to your iced coffee. Problem solved.  :)
  4. Blend a cookie or brownie into a blender with ice coffee and milk/cream. Could end up really clumpy depending on the consistency of the cookie and how much you blend it for

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