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canna coconut oil or butter?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by tombster, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. hello all. i have been making canna butter for a while now. i use one ounce of bud to 2 cups clarified butter. two of my go to recipes are rice krispy treats which have 5 tablespoons of butter, and brownies with 10. I was reading somewhere that coconut oil is better then butter because of the high fat. i found a recipe that said to use 3 grams of bad and half a cup of coconut oil to infuse. then use in a batch of fudge. people are saying it is way more potent then cannabutter. is this true? would this be the same as 10 table spoons of canna butter?

  2. I don't know but I used oil the other day and didn't cook the weed near long enough and got moderately high. Still I am bumping for interest I guess because I am noob at cooking and I would like to know as well. I would like to quit smoking and eat exclusively. I haven't mastered cooking but I plan on learning.
  3. Well, here is what i am gonna do. i am going to make the oil, and i will let you know how it goes. I am jsut goign to use the 3grams, and make a small batch.
  4. I believe you will find it being first off, a lot more nice to cook with, and you'll notice your ass will be on the ground. Should work a whole lot better my friend, cheers!
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    Coconut oil does contain a higher fat % to butter, meaning better binding THC when you digest. Also I could eat coconut cannabis oil straight (tastes like coconut!) Where as butter would be nasty.
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    I've been making edibles consistently for 5+ years, and can say that I find coconut oil to be a lot more potent than butter.

    I feel this is because coconut oil has a higher burning temperature than butter, and tends to burn off less. I cook all my batches in a crock-pot over night, and notice coconut oil to be the same consistency as when I started, compared to butter where I can notice it starting to burn off.

    Also, DEFINITELY decarboxylate your weed, makes a WORLD of a difference, I never make edibles without doing so. Try use some sunflower lecithin with your oil too if you can, also makes a huge difference, you feel the effects A LOT faster and I notice it makes your edibles more potent.

    Just downed 4 spoons of some medicated OG Kush Coconut Oil that I made last night... Put it in some soup... After 30 minutes I'm already on take-off!!! Love the feelin'.

    Let me know if you'd like some tips.

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  8. TickTockCroc, I'll take a tip! In what form do you get lecithin? I see liquid and granules.
    Also, I only own a large crock pot. I could use the water method with coconut oil, right? Or no?
  9. No water w anything, search badkats thread for "water" in it, she explains why.

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