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Canna Coco Oil *concentrate* Help

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by wegrass, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. #1 wegrass, Jun 8, 2013
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    Okay so I am using badkats canna coco oil tek.
    I already made a batch and now im using the strained weed to make more.
    For the second batch, i am doing the concentrate method.... which involves cooking the herb/oil for ~4hours at 220f.
                           -I did this, added more lecithin and froze it. 
    **Now im wondering, do I cook it a second time for this same length of time? Should I cook it for less? Or not at all?
    The oil is already a wonderful black color, reminiscent of coffee. 

  2. No one has tried this?
  3. No you don't need to cook it again, 4 hours should be enough

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  4. Thanks, I was starting to think no one would answer!
    I think I will just do another quick cook, 40 mins at 210f or something.
    I forgot to strain it, so ill cook it down to liquid, strain, freeze, and then its good to go!
    It looks really gnarly, such a dark color. Im excited to try it :)
  5. please post back with result :hello:
  6. Thanks for being interested!!! :)
    Well so far, I made a batch of chocolates and it did not seem particularly active.
    I just made another batch and used ALOT more, about half the oil i made, into these 6 chocolates. So these will be the real test! Ill try one tmrw maybe, dont wanna take it to early in the day incase it turns out to be more active than I thought. I have a feeling that will be a short day and long night if thats the case haha. 

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