canna coco, canna nutes and BIG trees. (hopefully)

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  1. hi guys im just finishing my second grow and starting my third. i will post some pics later. My last grow was 24 plants all with dutch passion feminized seeds. im half way through harvest and have averaged 40 grams dry per plant so far. my aim is for my next grow to be less plants and more weed! as you can see in the title i use all canna nutes-rhizotonic a+b, cannazym. i also use monster bloom instead of the canna boost because of the price!!! lol. i keep a p.h of 5.8 all the way through my grow and im hopeing to introduce CO2>(finances permitting). i will be useing 2 600watt hps lights for flowering and 1 600 metal halide for veg. i currently have 17 babies just started, at the moment their in a wardrobe with a 250watt envirolite untill my grow space becomes available again. this grow will be half power plant and half euphoria again both dutch passion and i grew the euphoria this time with excellant results. i will be experimenting with LSTing on this grow and will also fimm. they will be in veg for 6-8 weeks. the aim is to get 100 grams a plant which i think is possiable.
    i will update shorlty!
    feel free to comment, offer advise or ask questions!
  2. steve11 015.JPG hi guys whats the score with uploading pics? the first time it said i didnt have a security token and then the next time 2 failed. can i only upload 1 at a time?
  3. steve11 009.JPG right then.... this hairy bitch is my ultra skunk. it is now day 65 of flowering and it will be soon be ready...

    i think i might have to do this one pic at a time.....bare with me guys.
  4. steve11 013.JPG jesus... one at a times a pain in the hole...
  5. [​IMG]this is euphoria.[​IMG]and this one is "the ultimate". i cant wait to see the yeild as this plant is by far the biggest. hope to get 80 grams but we will find out next week!


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  6. Dude these buds look great! How was the smoke?! I'm a current canna grower and I'm looking for feedback! Lemme know how it went and if your still using the canna line.

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